When did Justin McKenna die?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Justin McKenna died in 1950.

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Q: When did Justin McKenna die?
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When was Justin McKenna born?

Justin McKenna was born in 1896.

What has the author Justin McKenna written?

Justin McKenna has written: 'Irish takeover legislation'

What Is Justin Bieber's Oldest Niece's Name?

Justin bieber's oldest nieces name is mckenna

When did Dave McKenna die?

Dave McKenna died in 2008.

When did Tom McKenna die?

Tom McKenna died in 1930.

When did Nick McKenna die?

Nick McKenna died in 1974.

When did Richard McKenna die?

Richard McKenna died in 1964.

When did Malcolm McKenna die?

Malcolm McKenna died in 2008.

When did Johnny McKenna die?

Johnny McKenna died in 1980.

When did Dale McKenna die?

Dale McKenna died in 2009.

Did Virginia McKenna have siblings?

Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers had 4 children. William Travers, Jr., (known as Will), Daniel, Justin, and Louise.

When did Bernard J. McKenna die?

Bernard J. McKenna died in 1903.