When did Kenya become known as Kenya?

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"As part of East Africa, Kenya has seen human habitation since the Lower Paleolithic period. The Bantu expansion reached the area by the first millennium AD, and the borders of the modern state comprise the crossroads of the Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan, and Afro-Asiatic linguistic areas of Africa, making Kenya a truly multi-cultural state. European and Arab presence in Mombasa dates to the Early Modern period, but European exploration of the interior began only in the 19th century. The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, known from 1920 as the Kenya Colony. The independent Republic of Kenya was founded in December 1963."
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Why is Kenya named Kenya?

Kenya is named after Mt. Kenya its highest mountain. It is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is a misconception that the name Kenya originated from its first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. And whilst the name came from Mt. Kenya, the mountain was not origina ( Full Answer )

Why did Kenya become a colony?

In the mid 1880's, Europe was busy Colonizing Africa. One of theunclaimed spaces was modern-day Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, knownas the "Sultanate of Zanzibar". Both the UK and German Empirewanted the land. So, they decided to split it up. The UK got Kenyaand Uganda, while Germany got Tanzania. Howe ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of Kenya?

The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi Nairobi is the capital and largestcity of Kenya.

Where is Kenya?

Answer . Kenya is located in Africa, on the East, just below the "horn" that is Somalia. It's bordered by the Indian Ocean on the South East, Tanzania on the South, Uganda on the West, Sudan on the North West, Ethiopia on the North and Somalia on the North East. The equator divides Kenya rough ( Full Answer )

What year did Kenya become a republic?

Kenya was declared a republic on 12 December 1964, when substantial changes were made to the Kenyan constitution to provide for governance of the country as a presidential republic. Elizabeth II ceased to be head of state and the position of Governor-General was abolished. The British Parliament ena ( Full Answer )

When did Kenya become independent?

Kenya became an independent state on 12 December 1963. Kenya's legal status as an independent nation was provided for by section 1 of the Kenya Independence Act 1963, an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. That Act provided, "On and after 12th December 1963 (in this Act referred to as 'the ( Full Answer )

How did Kenya become a country?

Kenya became a country on December 12, 1963 when it declaredindependence from the United Kingdom. At that time, the KenyaAfrican National Union formed a government which would become thegovernment of the new country.

What airports are in Kenya?

There's Jomokenyatta international airport (JKIA), mombasa international airport, Kisumu airport, eldoret airport and several other small airstrips.

When was Kenya founded?

Kenya was created in 1920 from the British East AfricaProtectorate. Kenya was given independence on Dec 12, 1963 fromBritain.

When did Kenya become part of the british empire?

Kenya was part of the British Empire beginning in 1895. It became acolony in 1920 and was granted independence in 1963. The East Africa Protectorate, which was the area of present-dayKenya, was established in 1895. A legislative council wasestablished there in 1907 to communicate the settlers' need ( Full Answer )

Who is the ruler of kenya?

President Mwai Kibaki is the current Kenya president in a joint-coalition government with Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

What can you see in Kenya?

Sky. Sea. Animals. Rift Valley. Quiet white beaches. Cities. Nightclubs. The sun. Shops. Television. Blu-ray. PS3. African people. White people. Indian people. Mixed race people. Other race people. Roads. Beggars. Rich politicians. Cars. Cows. Dogs. Bowling alleys. Restaurants. Lots and lots of chea ( Full Answer )

What are the lakes in Kenya?

In alphabetical order the lakes in Kenya are: Baringo-Bogoria Chew Bahir Elmenteita Kamnarok Logipi Magadi Naivasha Nakuru Turkana Victoria

Cities in Kenya?

Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru and Machakos are all cities in Kenya. Nairobi is also the capital.

How is Kenya developing?

Kenya is a developing country. It is one of Africa's "lioneconomies". As of 2013, there is a high level of economic growth onthe continent, specially on its telecommunications industry.

What do you do when in Kenya?

When in Kenya, some of the things that tourists do is go on a Kenya safari. Kenya national parks are the places where people go on a Kenya safari.

What activities can you do in Kenya?

The best thing to do when your in Kenya is to go on safari's and see all the safari animals or visit the tropical beaches or just chill and sun bathe! :P

What country is Kenya in?

Kenya is in Africa and is nown for the safari parks . Kenya has many wild animals and has many schools

What is there to do in Kenya?

water skiing, bird watching, bungey jumping, water rafting, mountain climbing, terrain walking, animal watching, rock climbing......

Can Obama become president even though he's from Kenya?

Just a simple advice to all web users. "Before posting a question, be sure to just search for answers on the Internet. Chances are, that some else asked the question and there is an answer." Your question is based on the correct assumption. You assume that Obama is from Kenya. and he is. His fathe ( Full Answer )

What is Kenya known for?

at a guess, the tribes that live there, the wide open plains and the big five which can be found there, such as giraffes, lions, cheetahs, elephants and rhino's.

What can you do in Kenya?

there are safari's and game drives round Nirobi and many other things too. try going on a Kenyan Travel site for more information.

What is Kenya known as?

Kenya is also known: . tribal warfare (sad, but what do you expect when there aretribes with rivalries that have continued for over a century?) . mountains (such as Mt. Kenya, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Longonot, MountSuswa) . The Great Rift Valley . The coastal beaches . The Great Wildebeest migration ( Full Answer )

Where about is Kenya?

Kenyais a country in East Africa, Bodering the Indian Ocean in theSouth East, Somalia in the East, Ethiopia in the North, Sudan inthe North West, Uganda in the West and Tanzania in the South. Thecountry stradles the equator, and the Great Rift valley, and on itswestern edge is Lake Victoria, which i ( Full Answer )

Was Kenya once known as rhodesia?

No. What is now Kenya was mostly contained in what was known as British East Africa. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe April 18th 1980.

How do you become a lawyer in Kenya?

You will have to attend University for four years. Then you are anintern at a law firm for a year. Then you wait another year to seeif you are admitted from the bar exam. The law firm you work for isnot required to keep you.

Is there a McDonald's in Kenya?

Not yet, there isn't! On the African continent, I am only aware of McDonald's being present in South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco. Although there are rumors abound that McDonald's will open in Kenya in late 2013, following on the recent opening of KFC and soon-to-be opened Subway. Yes, but as you know ( Full Answer )

How can Kenyas national parks become more sustainable?

They can give money to the people/tribes of Kenya instead of building big and expensive hotels. Also the tourists/visitors can live with the Kenyan people/tribes instead of paying lots to stay in a hotel. If they stayed with the people/tribes they would get a better experience and more out of their ( Full Answer )

Are there alligators in Kenya?

The Nile crocodile has several subspecies. One, the Kenyan Nile crocodile, is also known as the Kenya alligator. However it is not a true alligator, but a crocodile.

How do you get into Kenya?

You can fly in with various airlines, or take a boat to the coast, or drive from surrounding countries.

Does Kenya have bison?

No. Bison refer to those animals found in North America, not Africa. Cape Buffalo are not bison, but they can be found in Kenya. However, due to overhunting, numbers are dwindling.

What transportation does Kenya have?

Most parts of Kenya are very poor, so there is very slim transportation at all. Most of them ride on homemade bycicles and scooters. Where there is transportation, it is usually a public bus or safari Jeep. To transport goods, they usually use shantyboats, which are usually rafts with gasoline-power ( Full Answer )

Is Kenya tropical?

Yes Kenya is a tropical country. It lies between the tropic of cancer tropic of Capricorn. The equator passes almost right in the the middle of the country http:\\medicalkenya.co.ke

What are ways to get to Kenya?

From the U.S., the most common way is by plane. A small percentage of travelers go by ship.

Who travels to Kenya?

Basically, the people that travel to Kenya are either tourists whowould like to see Kenya and what it can offer to their vacationneeds, immigrants of whom want to stay in Kenya, business peoplewho want to invest in the country, People with missions, people whowould like to study, and maybe people wh ( Full Answer )

What is the Kenya alphabet?

Swahili is a Bantu language spoken by about 35 million people in Tanzania, Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa) Kenya, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa , Uganda, UAE and the USA. Swahili is an official language of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and is used as a lingua franca throughout Eas ( Full Answer )

Explain reasons why SACCOS are becoming popular in Kenya?

Introduction: Sacco is short for savings and creditsco-operative organisation. A co-operative society is an autonomousassociation of persons united voluntarily to meet their commoneconomic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through ajointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. I ( Full Answer )

Is Kenya in a desert?

Kenya is not in a desert but there is a desert in Kenya, the NyiriDesert, also called the Nyika, or Tarudesert, desert, located inthe south-central part of the country.

When did Kenya became known as Kenya?

Kenya was known to be Kenya by first between the 16th and 17th century by tugese but declared independence from the British colonies on December 12, 1963.

What year was Kenya named Kenya?

1963 Before Kenya gained independence in 1963 from British rule, it was officially called the "Colony of Kenya". The name Kenya cactually came from the mountain in the same name called mount kenya because the British couldn't pronounce it well at the time

What are the advantages of Kenya?

Too many to name. - Simpler life = higher morals and community-based values. - Cheap life = more luxury for someone who is lower middle-class income - Food is still unprocessed - much healthier - People make time for each other and are genuinely interested in helping strangers - Sun, sun, ( Full Answer )

Who conquered Kenya?

the British did but then they fought back and won their independence in Dec. 12, 1963

What is Esther arunga in Kenya known for?

She was a renowned news anchor of KTN but faded completely from the limelight after her controversial relationship with a man from 'Finger of God' so-called ministry.

When did Kenya get its name Kenya?

Kenya's name derives from the Kikuyu name for Mount Kenya, Kere Nyaga (Ke-re-nya-ga) meaning 'mountain of God'. According to our elders, when one of the first men appeared in Kenya he met a Kikuyu man and asked him the name of the country and pointed at the mountain. The Kikuyu man mistakenly though ( Full Answer )

Did president Obama go to Kenya after becoming president?

No, he did not. He visited Kenya for the first time in the late 1980s, and wrote about it in his book "Dreams from my Father." There has been talk on several occasions that he would visit Kenya during his presidency, but thus far, he has visited Ghana (2009) but has not made an official visit to Ken ( Full Answer )

When did Kenya become and cease being colony?

Keny was a British colony from around 1890 until 1962, so a littleover 70 years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenya was initially a German Protectorate and became a BritishProtectora ( Full Answer )