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lady gaga wrote ,Speechless when her father was forced to get open heart surgery


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Lady Gaga wrote Speechless for her dad Joesph. He was getting heart surgrey

Lady GaGa sings 'Speechless'.

Speechless - Lady Gaga song - was created on 2009-11-18.

to try and convinc her father to let her buy him a new heart

the keyboard notes for me in speechless is i like her lyrics and the music .and all so her dress and her video and her quality of her vioce ...for me i love lady gaga.

What does lady gaga get when she's ill? Fever What's lady gaga favourite food? Dirty ice cream What does lady gaga say when she's confused? Eh eh What's lady gaga scared of? Monster What happens to lady gaga when she is happy? Speechless

According To iPod Touch -> Music -> More -> Composers -> Lady GaGa -> The Fame Monster, Speechless Was Composed By Lady GaGa On Her Own...

pokerface and speechless with elton john

Lady Gaga writes with her left hand.

Because Lady Gaga is left handed.

Paparazzi, Love Game, Video Phone and Speechless.

Yes, LoveGame was written by Lady Gaga and RedOne.

Definitely not; Queen released the song "Radio Gaga" in 1984; Lady Gaga was born in 1986.

no there is no official song that was written for travis garland by lady gaga.

Some songs by Gaga are her huge hits "Bad Romance" "Alejandro" "Just Dance" "Pokerface" and "Speechless" among a bunch of others.

Yes she does write her music

Do you mean "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga? This song was written by Rob Fusari and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga wrote this song because her boyfriend betrayed her. She said this in an interview.

lady gaga has a penis and a vagina so dont feel bad

Lady GaGa i <3 you! Go GaGa Love The outfit just to give u a idea on what u can say

Lady Gaga began her performance with "Bad Romance" while wearing a nude body suit with an alien-like exoskelton with flashing lights. She then used her microphone stand to smash through a giant glass cube so she could rech her piano to perform "Speechless." During "Speechless," Gaga smashed liquor bottles on the piano and eventually set it on fire.

Lady Gaga writes and co-writes all of her songs. Her most prominent songwriting partner is RedOne, a DJ and music producer, as well as friend to Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is saying she wants to write a bad romance and the person is a bad romance <3

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