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The explorers began their journey home on March 23, 1806. On July 3, after crossing the Continental Divide, the Corps split into two teams so Lewis could explore the Marias River. Lewis and Clark stayed separated until they reached the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers on August 11. Once reunited, the Corps was able to return home quickly via the Missouri River. They reached St. Louis on September 23, 1806.

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Where did Lewis and clark begain their trip?

their trip began in Missouri

Who did Lewis and Clark encounter on there trip?

No, they stared the trip together

When did the Lewis and Clark start their trip?


What mountains did Lewis and Clark travel across on their journey?

Lewis and Clark crossed the Appilation mountains during there trip.

Why did Lewis and Clark want Sacagawea on the trip?

to transalate

What did Lewis and Clark do on their trip?

They discovered the Northwest Passage.

Did Lewis and Clark explore Wisconsin?

Lewis and Clark never explored Wisconsin. They followed the Missouri River for much of their trip.

What was the duration of the return trip of Lewis and Clark?

2.5 years

Who asked Lewis and clark to go on their trip?

Thomas Jefferson

What problems they had in the Lewis and clark expedition?

She had to carry her child on the trip

Who was president when the Lewis and Clark trip was going on?

thomas Jefferson

What reasons did Lewis and Clark have for separating on their return trip?

Plese answer

Did Lewis and Clark always travel together?

No they did not. On their homeward trip back, Lewis and Clark went their separate ways. They later met up.

Why did Lewis and Clark have followed the Missouri river?

Because Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to take a trip to Louisiana but follow the Missouri river.

What are five things that Lewis and Clark brought back from their trip?


Why did Lewis and clark make the trip?

Because they were curious on what the world had to show them

What year did Lewis and Clark start and finish the expadition?

bob saget

Did Lewis and clark take the Missouri or Yellowstone river up to thewest?

Lewis and Clark took the Missouri River westward. Clark went down the Yellowstone on the return trip to St. Louis.

How did the Great Falls pose a problem for Lewis and Clark?

it delayed the trip by a month

Did Lewis and Clark find treasure on the trip?

No, but they found you mom and did her and she gave them AID's

What was the name of the team that Lewis and clark gathered on their trip west?

corps of destony

How long was the return trip of Lewis and Clark?

they went back on the specific ocean

How did Lewis and Clark survive the trip?

Sacajawea found edible treats and showed them the way

How many maps did Lewis and Clark make?

They made 135 total maps on their trip

How were the native Americans help Lewis and Clark?

because they traded stuff with them that they needed for there trip