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When did Mozart lose his hearing?

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Mozart didn't lose his hearing. That was Beethoven.

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When do pug dogs usually lose their hearing?

They don't neccesarily lose their hearing at all....

Is hearing music good for you?

yesMozart can help babies get smarter.

Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Deaf or Hearing Impaired?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not have any documented hearing loss. The most notable composer to have gone deaf was Ludwig van Beethoven. Source: Ask.com

Why do you lose your hearing?

You can lose your hearing because you listened to music too loud or you're growing old.

Can timpanists get deaf or lose part of their hearing?

It is possible for a timpanists to lose their hearing over a period of time. Exposure to loud music over a long period of time can damage hearing and result in hearing loss.

How did Ashley Tisdale lose her hearing?

she never lost her hearing it would be on magzines it she did

What piece of music is Mozart supposed to have transcribed from memory after hearing it just once?

Mozart is said to have transciribed from memory the Miserere of Gregorio Allegri after he heard it at the Sistine Chapel.

What kind of education did Mozart have?

Mozart was born into a very musical family. Offspring usually learn from watching and hearing their parent(s) play. Mozart was no exception - he learned from this father, Leopold, who was a very proficient teacher himself. Mozart and his father had a very strong bonding relationship.

What composer began to lose his hearing around age 30?

Ludwig van Beethoven began to lose his hearing quite early in life.

Did Mozart or Beethoven start losing hearing around the age of 30?

beethoven lost hearing at 28 becase his dad thrashed him (thrashed means punish)

Can unexplained loss of hearing be psychosomatic?

can a major trauma cause someone to lose their hearing?

What can be done to help an old dog get his hearing back?

When you lose hearing with age there is little that can be done. There do not make hearing aids for dogs.

How do people lose their hearing?

conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the inner and outer ear

What is orthology does cit have anything to do with hearing?

i am looking for the word to describe a doctor that treats hearing lose.

Can I lose my hearing from listening to loud music?

People who who have a habit of listening to loud music can lose there hearing. Infact, many muscians become hearing impaired after years of loud music. In general the exposure to any type of loud music can damage one's hearing.

What does noise pollution damage?

It makes you lose your hearing.

How do you get an old cat's attention?

If they lose hearing, they rely on sight. If they lose sight, they rely on hearing. If they lose both, you need to be their eyes and ears. Old cats still love catnip and special treats--unless they lose their sense of smell, too.

Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have a wooden eye?

No, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had both eyes intact. He didn't lose an eye, so he didn't need a wooden one.

Where did Beethoven start to lose his hearing?

Beethoven's hearing started to lose by his early twenties. By the age of 30, he was completely deaf. Despite of this fact, most of his masterpieces were written after this period.

Was Beethoven born deaf or born hard of hearing?

Neither. Beethoven began to lose his hearing in his late twenties.

Is there an iPod obsession?

Yes and it is causing people to lose their hearing.

What help can people get if they begin to lose their hearing?

Either buy a hearing aid, or an mp3 player, or both that is wrong darling ^

How do you lose your hearing?

by corrosponding to the tv all the time. thats what my science Partners say as i study hearing i am VERY correct :)

Can you lose eye sight and hearing from scarlet fever?

Yes, scarlet fever can cause the loss of hearing or eye sight.

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