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When the sand sibling including Gaara came to Hidden Leaf Village for Chunnin exams which would be episode 21 and volume 5

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Q: When did Naruto first meet Gaara?
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In what Naruto episode does Sasuke meet Gaara?

He is first seen in chapter 35/episode 20.

In what Naruto episode does Gaara meet Matsuri?

Naruto episode 216

Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?

Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

Did Naruto defeat Gaara in the third movie?

Naruto did not defeat Gaara, he only hit him once. Once Gaara was hit by Naruto's first contact in the battle, Gaara understood Naruto's reasoning to save Kakashi, so he let him pass. The battle was epic, but no one actually "won."

Is Gaara mean?

at first.. he change when he met Naruto...

Does Naruto love Gaara?

No, Naruto is friends with Gaara but has a crush on Sakura.

Who is Gaara in Naruto Shippuden?

He's also from the first Naruto. He's Naruto's friend and was a jinchuuriki of the Shukaku.

Is Gaara bad?

No Gaara is not bad. In the first Part of Naruto, however, he was described as a very selfish person. But Naruto influenced him to be a better person, which Gaara's change of mind is shown at the beginning of Shippuden, so he is not bad.

What season is it on Naruto when Gaara dies and Akatsuki take the demon out of him?

It happens in the first season of naruto shippuden

How did Gaara lose against Naruto?

Naruto used summoning, then gaara grabbed naruto. naruto couldn't move but could only move his head. then naruto thought of an idea. naruto headbutted gaara's seal and his invincible power was temporarily lost.

In the first season of Naruto how old is Gaara?

Gaara is 12-13 in the first part of Naruto, and he is 15-16 in the second part of Naruto. but more acurately 15 because he is 1 year younger then all the other genin

How do you beat Naruto path of ninja?

To beat Naruto Path of the Ninja you have to beat gaara in gaara's pursuit