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Roe v. Wade

When did Norma McCorvey give birth to the child battled over during Roe v Wade?


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February 15, 2010 1:16AM

Norma McCorvery did give birth to the child when she was in court. She gave up the baby for adoption.

She gave birth to a girl in 1965 & the baby was adopted by her mother. ***UPDATED ANSWER*** While Norma MCorvey did give birth in 1965, this was not the child that was the center of the case; Roe v. Wade. The case of Roe v. Wade was not brought forth in the state of Texas until 1970 and was not decided in the United States Supreme Court untl 1973. The child that Ms. McCorvey gave birth to in 1965 was the first of her three children. She was pregnant three times and gave birth all three times, never having received and abortion. All three of her children were given up for adoption. The first child was adopted by Ms. McCorvey's mother. Her second child was adopted by the child's father and Norma agreed to never have contact with the child. The third child, the one at the center of "Roe" was born in June 1970 and was also given up or adoption.