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North Vietnam ended in 1976.

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Who end Vietnam war?

The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (AKA North Vietnam) .

How did the struggles between north Vietnam and south Vietnam end?

north vietnam won and south vietnam lost now south vietnam has toxic wate down there but north vietnam has clean water

Who won at the end of the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam won the war.

Why did Vietnam end?

Because the North won.

Did Vietnam end in 1994?

The Vietnam War ended in 1975, when North and South Vietnam become one country, Vietnam.

Why did the United States invade North Vietnam when the war was going on?

how come the united states did not invade north vietnam to end the war

How did the Vietnam war end for the US?

The US redeployed; North Vietnam won the war (decisively).

What was the end result of the Vietnam Conflict?

North Vietnam took over the country making it communist

What did the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 resulted in?

The reunification of North and South Vietnam into a single country.

What were the end results for the Vietnam war?

The end result of the war hasn't changed in 35 years...North Vietnam won the war.

Why did the Vietnam war happen and what was the end result?

Communist North Vietnam wanted to conquer South Vietnam; it ended when they did just that.

Is Vietnam still divided?

Vietnam reunited in 1976 after the end of the Vietnam war, South Vietnam (democratic side) losing to North Vietnam (communist side).

How did the Vietnam War get to the end?

The North won the war, that ended it.

How did Nixon achieve an end to US involvement in Vietnam?

Nixon achieved an end to the US involvement in Vietnam by negotiating with North Vietnam. An agreement on a cease fire and withdrawal helped end the US involvement.

When were the troops withdrawn from Vietnam?

All U.S. military were out of Vietnam by the end of April, 1973. South Vietnam fell to the North Vietnam invaders in April, 1975.

Where is north Vietnam?

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

What was the fate of Vietnam at the end the war?

The North won; it was their country now.

Who were the leaders of the north and south Vietnam during Vietnam War?

Ho Chi Minh in the North until his death in 1969. President Thieu for South Vietnam from 1964 until the end, in 1975.

At the end of the Vietnam war did it become an independent country?

When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, North and South Vietnam became one communist nation called Vietnam.

Was Gerald Ford President when the Vietnam's war end?

Ford was President when South Vietnam fell to the communists (North Vietnam).

What was the reasons for the Vietnam War to end?

Unless the US INVADED North Vietnam or deployed NUCLEAR weapons, the war was unwinnable.

Why did North Vietnam attack South Vietnam in 1957?

The north Vietnamese wanted south Vietnam reunited with north Vietnam

When did the Vietnam War and end?

The north defeated the south on 30 April 1975.

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