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There are several saints named Boniface. However, if you mean the Boniface called the Apostle to Germany, he was not canonized. He was proclaimed a saint by early Christians because of his martyrdom on June 5, 754. The canonization process did not come into existence until the 12th century. In the primitive Church, martyrs were immediately recognized as witnessing to the perfection of Christian life on earth, having shown the ultimate proof of their love for Christ by the offering of their lives. By the sacrifice of their lives for Christ, they attained Heaven in eternal glory and were indissolubly united to the Lord, the Head of the Mystical Body.

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What is Saint Boniface the patron saint of?

St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, is the patron saint of: brewers file cutters Fulda, Germany, diocese of Germany Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada, archdiocese of tailors

When did Saint Bridget become a saint?

St. Bridget of Sweden as canonized on October 7, 1391, by Pope Boniface IX. St. Bridget of Ireland is a precongregational saint and was never canonized.

Where did Saint Boniface get its name from?

St. Boniface got its name from aSt. Boniface, an English Benedictine monk who was the apostle to the Germans.

Why was Saint Boniface canonized a saint?

St. Boniface the Great was not canonized as the process did not exist at the time. He was declared a saint by the local Christian community based on the fact that he was martyred for his faith.

What is Pope Saint Boniface IV the patron saint of?

Boniface is a saint but not a patron saint.

What has the author Father Boniface written?

Father Boniface has written: 'The history of Saint Francis Parish, Vancouver' -- subject(s): St. Francis Parish, Vancouver

When was Saint Boniface Curitan canonized?

St. Boniface Curitan was a precongregational saint. In other words, he was not canonized but was declared a saint by popular acclamation and the approval of a bishop. Today, only the pope can declare a saint and only after years of study by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

What has the author Luc Dauphinais written?

Luc Dauphinais has written: 'Histoire de Saint-Boniface' -- subject(s): Histoire, St. Boniface (Winnipeg, Man.), History

When is the feast day of Saint Boniface?

The feast day of Saint Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, is on June 5.

When was St. Boniface beatified?

Boniface was neither beatified nor canonized. He was declared a saint by the local Christian community long before the official canonization process was instituted.

Where was Saint Boniface born?

Saint Boniface, the apostle of Germany, was born between 673-680 at Crediton, Devonshire, England.

What did Saint Boniface do?

Boniface preached the Gospel in Germany and the Netherlands and was eventually martyred for his faith.

Who was Saint Boniface what is he best known for?

Saint Boniface was an Anglo-Saxon missionary who propagated Christianity in the Frankish Empire during the 8th century. He is the patron saint of Germany.

What did Saint Chloe the saint of sport do to become a saint?

The patron saint of sports (athletics) is St. Sebastian, not St. Chloe.

Who is Saint Boniface?

Saint Boniface was the English Benedictine monk who evangelized Germany in the early eighth century. He died a martyr in 754 or 755.

When was Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum created?

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum was created in 196#.

When was St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church created?

St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church was created in 1882.

When was St. Boniface Diocesan High School created?

St. Boniface Diocesan High School was created in 1965.

How did Saint Petersburg become a saint?

St. Petersburg is the name of a city and not a saint.

How did St. Columbus become a saint?

There is no saint named Columbus.

How did St. Ignatius become a saint?

Which Saint Ignatius? There are several.

How did St. Paricia become a saint?

There is no saint named Paricia.

What has the author F L Kalvelage written?

F. L. Kalvelage has written: 'The annals of St. Boniface Parish, 1862-1926' -- subject(s): St. Boniface Church, Chicago, St. Boniface Church (Chicago, Ill.), History

What age did St. Patrick become a saint?

St. Patrick was dead when he became a saint. That is a primary requisite for becoming a saint.

Was St. Boniface a pope?

There have been a number of popes named Boniface. However, the Boniface known as the 'Apostle of Germany' was never a pope.

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