Steve Irwin

When did Steve Irwin discover a species of turtle?

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Did Steve Irwin discover anything?

Yes Steve Irwin discovered a turtle that is now called Irwin's turtle.

What ifo did Steve Irwin discover for zoology?

he found a new turtle i think they named it the Irwin turtle and the reseach he did with crocdile reseach.

Steve Irwin's accomplishments?

Steve Irwin discover a new species of turtle known as titties turtles turtle. He also hosted his own TV show and did a lot of filming and all the money he got from it would go to protecting and saving wildlife. Steve changed the way people thought about endangered animals. It is such a tragedy he died he was such a great role model!

What species did Steve Irwin save?

The rare penisadrone and the even rarer vagina

Was Steve Irwin a Christian?

Steve Irwin was Christian.

What type of scientist was Steve Irwin?

Steve Irwin was a marine biologist

How many siblings did Steve Irwin have?

Steve irwin has 3 Siblings

Was Steve Irwin 46 when he died?

No. Steve Irwin was 44 when he died.

What animal was Steve Irwin scared of?

Steve Irwin was scared of parrots

When did Steve Irwin marry terri Irwin?

Steve and Terri Irwin were married on 4 June 1992.

When did Steve Irwin get married?

Steve Irwin was married on 4 June 1992.

What languages did Steve Irwin speak?

Steve Irwin spoke only English.

What is Steve Irwin famous for?

Steve Irwin i famouse for being a crocodile hunter

When was Steve Irwin born?

Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962.

Steve Irwin alive or dead?

Steve Irwin is dead!! he died by an Stingrays...

What kind of person is Steve Irwin?

Steve Irwin was an adventurer and a passionate conservationist.

What Impact Did Steve Irwin On Australia?

Steve Irwin had a lot of impact on Australia

What did Steve Irwin contribute?

Steve Irwin contributed his knowledge of wild animals to those watching his television series. Steve Irwin passed away in 2006.

How old was Steve Irwin and terri Irwin meat?

They met together in 1992, when Steve Irwin was 30 years old.

Was Steve Irwin gay?

No. Steve Irwin was a conservative man, married with two children.

What day did Steve Irwin die?

Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006.

How old was Steve Irwin when he died?

Steve Irwin was 44 years old when he died.

When did Steve Irwin pass away?

Steve Irwin died on the 4th September 2006.

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