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When did Tiffany pollard split with george weisberger?



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Link to the following information: July 11, 2008 Well, they said it wouldn't last…and they were right. Tiffany Pollard of Flavor of Love and I Love New York notoriety and George Weisberger, the man she chose on I Love New York 2 have broken up. The couple who had been living together with Weisberger (known as "Tailor Made") and his daughter since her dating reality show stopped taping last summer. On the reunion show, Tailor Made proposed and Tiffany accepted. There were rumors that the two would be married in Las Vegas in February, but it never happened. Throughout the couple's relationship there have been rumors of infidelity on both sides, with reports of Tailor Made's drunken macking of women in clubs and a sex tape that circulated in the internet that was supposed to be New York, even though it did not really look like her. Reliable sources say that the real reason for the break up was caused by their career aspirations, but mostly by the demands of Weisberger's career. He is established in the fashion community, and worked at Calvin Klein.. He quit that job to do I Love New York 2, but when the show ended, he was hired by Mark Ecko, which kept him away from home very often, leaving Tiffany by herself frequently. The relationship began to suffer. Sources say that part of the problem was that Tiffany was not used to being with a man with a real career. Although the couple split at the end of this winter, they continued to pretend to be together for the sake of VH1. The "breakup" will be shown on Pollard's new reality show, New York Goes Hollywood. Rumor has it that he will be caught "cheating". Even though they weren't together at the time, and it's clear that their television drama is going to be purely dramatic and ficticious, sources say that Tailor Made went along with it out of respect for New York.