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When did Winchester stop making the model 69a 22 rifle?


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No serial numbers were assigned to the model 69 and 69A. The 69 was introduced in 1935 and the 69A in 1937, so the 69 may well have been made in one of the first 3 years. Don Schimpff Redding, CA the 69a production was ceased in 1963


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the last model 1300 made in the U S were 2006.

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The last year of production for the Winchester model 61 was in 1962.They made 10,661 rifles that year.

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1946. Model number changed to 46B(a) after that year

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Winchester stopped all firearms production in December of 1980. The U.S. Repeating Arms Compnay ceased production of the Model 94 in March of 2006.

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The Mossberg 46B(b) was only made in 1947-1949, when the model number changed. Excellent target rifle.

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