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No serial numbers were assigned to the model 69 and 69A. The 69 was introduced in 1935 and the 69A in 1937, so the 69 may well have been made in one of the first 3 years. Don Schimpff Redding, CA the 69a production was ceased in 1963

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Q: When did Winchester stop making the model 69a 22 rifle?
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What year did they stop making the Winchester 1300?

the last model 1300 made in the U S were 2006.

When did they stop making winchester 61 22 magnums?

The last year of production for the Winchester model 61 was in 1962.They made 10,661 rifles that year.

What year did mossberg stop making the model 46B b 22 rifle?

Model number changed to 46B(a) after that year

Why did ruger stop making the model 77 mk II rifle in caliber 300wsm?

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What year did Winchester stop making model 94?

Winchester stopped all firearms production in December of 1980. The U.S. Repeating Arms Compnay ceased production of the Model 94 in March of 2006.

I have a 25 35 Winchester model 1894 when did they start making and stop making themwhat is it worth?

The .25-35 Winchester cartridge was one of the first smokeless powder sporting cartridges introduced by Winchester in 1895, and chambered in their Model 1894 lever action rifle. The barrel of a 25-35 Winchester has the fastest rifling twist of all the pre-1964 cartridges chambered for a Model 1894 rifle or carbine. Winchester advertised that the 117 grain bullet would develop a muzzle velocity of 2,230 fps, and a muzzle energy of 1,292 fpe. Winchester discontinued the Model 1894 rifle and carbine that was chambered in .25-35 Winchester in 1936. Currently Winchester will make seasonal manufacturing runs of the .25-25 Winchester cartridge, and there are also other munitions manufacturers who cater to Cowboy Action Shooting who produce the cartridge. The value of your .25-25 Winchester cannot be determined unless it is examined by a person who has considerable experience and expertise with this model Winchester. The Model 1894 was made in many rifle, regular carbine, and saddle ring carbine variations, and to assign a value one must determine the date of manufacture, internal and external condition of the firearm, if the parts are original, if there are any significant markings, as well as other factors. If a Model 1894 Winchester that is chambered in .25-35 Winchester is in good to excellent condition with all of it's original parts, wood, and hardware the value could run into several thousand of dollars.

What year did mossberg stop making the model 46B-b 22 rifle?

The Mossberg 46B(b) was only made in 1947-1949, when the model number changed. Excellent target rifle.

What year did they stop making the model 94-30 30?

They haven't stopped yet, but may soon as the Winchester plant is for sale.

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The Model 12 was removed from production in 1963, although a clean up production of existing parts continued through 1966.

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All Pre-64 Winchesters were manufactured before 1964. That's what pre-64 means.

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