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When did World War 1 begin and why Australia joined?

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ww1 started in July 28, 1914 and Australia joined because it was a colony of the british empire

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Q: When did World War 1 begin and why Australia joined?
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Australia joins the First World War?

Australia joined the first world war in 1914

How was Australia involved and why in world war 1?

As part of the British Empire Australia joined WW1 with the rest of the UK

What year did America begin fighting in World War 1?

We joined WWI in April of 1917

What countries joined with the United States in World War two?

The US joined them; Britain, Russia (Soviet Union), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, were already at war.

When did Finland join world war 2?

they joined in 1939 with other countries like france, engaland and australia

On what date did Canada join World War I?

1914 canda joined the world war 1

Why Australis joined World War 2 in the side of Allies?

I'm guessing your question is meant to say: "Why did Australia join World War 2 on the side of the Allies?" Australia joined the Allies became the Empire of Japan was taking large amounts of territory in the Pacific. Due to this, the Australians became concerned and entered WW2

What year did the World War I begin?

The world war I begin at 28 July 1914.

What was the next war after World War 2 in which Australia was developed?

The war after world war 2 in which Australia participated was the Korean war.

What was the expectations of the war when soldiers joined in World War 1?


Did Australia win World war 2?

Australia is one of the country's that won World war @

Which country joined world war 1 one year before it ended?

the USA Joined the war in 1917

When did Russia join World War I?

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

Were Americans in World War I?

Yes. They joined the World War One in the year of 1917.

Why did Australia jion World War I?

Australia's men joined World War 1 for various reasons: 1. they felt they had to help their mother country (Britain) 2. they wanted a great adventure 3. some only joined because didn't want the white feather or be disapproved of by peers

Was Australia in Vietnam war?

Yes, Australia fought in the Vietnam war on the side of the capitalists. They joined the war as a coalition with the US as a proxy war of the Cold War, and fought against the Vietcong and communists in an effort to prevent the Domino effect, an ideological security issue. Furthermore, Australia joined to retain the special Great and Powerful Friends relationship it has with the US in its usual sychophantic manner.

How many women joined the workforce during World War 2?

More than 6 million women joined the workforce during World War 2 More than 6 million women joined the workforce during World War 2

When the US join World War 1?

They joined the war in 1917.

Where was the World War 1 in Australia?

World War 1 was not fought in Australia. It was fought mostly in Europe.

What The Ottoman Empire joined forces with the powers during World War 1.?

The Ottoman Empire joined forces with the AlliedCentralAxisEntente powers during World War I.

When did China join World War 1?

China officially joined in World War 1 on August 14th, 1917. They joined the allies and declared war on the countries of Germany and Austria.

Why did Australia change its foreign policy as a result of World War 2?

Australia changed it's foreign policy as a result of World War two. The reason being that Australia's ties with their mother country, Britain did not give them any advantage during the war. Australia had hoped that Britain would be able to defend them in the case of an invasion, but as it happened in World War two, Britain was busy fighting off the Germans in the 'European War'. When Pearl Harbour was attacked, USA came into the war and joined with Australia in fighting off the 'Japs'. So as a result of World War Two, Australia came to depend on USA, rather than their 'mother country', Britain.

Why did Australia begin a protest movement against the Vietnam War?

Because they are against war.

What side did turkey join in World War I?

Turkey joined Germany in World War 1

Why did Australia enter WWII?

Australia joined World War 2 when Britain and Germany went to war. As an associate of Britain, Australia's protection was linked to the welfare of Britain - should it fall, then Australia would have been left open to invasion from Japan.The independent countries in the British Commonwealth - Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - declared war very shortly after Britain in 1939.They were allied with Great Britain( also know as the Commonwealth) and were forced to join the war when it broke out. Japan also attacked Australia for it's rare materials( iron, coal, etc.) which Japan had few of.Answer Also I They joined world war 2 because Britain did, Australia was a part of Britain so if they were at war, so was Australia.