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WW2 attack on the pearl harbor happened in 1999

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Q: When did World War 2 attack on Pearl Harbor start?
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Did hitler start the attack on pearl harbor?

No, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

What is another term for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

It could also be known as the 'Bombing of Pearl Harbor' of the 'Start of World War II'.

When did the Pearl Harbor attack start?

The pearl harbor attack started on December 7, 1941 at 7:55 A.M.

Did the attack on pearl harbor start World War 2?

no but it did get the U.S. involved in the pacific war

How did the Pearl Harbor attack start?

By japanesse bombing the airstrips

What led to the battle of Pearl Harbor?

start of the pearl harbor attacki my is Dennis i think the attack on pearl harbor was caused by the us not doing trade with japan.

Did the attack in Pearl Harbor start the war in kodoka in World War 2?

The attack at Pearl Harbor was on US territory, and the target was the United States Navy. The attack brought the US into WW2, which made it a truly GLOBAL war.

How did pearl harbor battle start the war?

The Pearl harbour attack did not start the second world war - but as it was an un-provoked attack by Japanese Forces on US territory it did bring the US into the war.

When did Japanese start planning the attack on pearl harbor?

Everyday I'm shuffling.

What did the US do when the attack of Pearl Harbor took place?

They retaliated, this was the start of WWII

What day did Japan attack Pearl Harbor to start involving the Americans in World War 2 .?

December 7, 1941.

How did Pearl Harbor contribute to World War 2?

Pearl Harbor was the start of USA's involvement is WW2

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