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When did all of the star wars movies come out day and year?


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In order of release date:--------------------------------- Episode IV - 25 May 1977 Episode V - 21 May 1980 Episode VI - 25 May 1983 Episode I - 19 May 1999 Episode II - 16 May 2002 Episode III - 19 May 2005 ---------------------------------

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The next Star Wars movies will be called "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens." It will be released in late 2015.

The original Star Wars movie came out in 1977.

Star Wars was never based on books. John Williems made the movies and that is that. There IS books based on the movies though, each in the same year it was made.

Star Wars Rebels on DisneyXD for season 3 will premiere later this year in September

There isn't going to be a new Star Wars movie.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope first met the public in 1977.

The first Star Wars movie, Episode IV, "A New Hope", came out in 1977.

Long, long ago- in a galaxy far, far away..........

Attack of the Clones came out in 2002

The third Star Wars movie chronologicly was released in 2005. The third made was released in 1983

The new Star Wars game comes out within a year from today. The new Star Wars game will most likely feature online multiplayer and a single player campaign.

The films did in fact come before the books. Obviously, the first three Star Wars movies were made in the 1970s and 1980s. After they were released, several books began appearing in stores for people to buy. If I am not mistaking I believe that the first book of the Thrawn Trilogy was the first Star Wars novel to be released. This answer is so wrong. I still own the first Star Wars book that I purchased in 1976 (a year before the Star Wars movie first came out).

If you meant to ask what year the first Star Wars film came out, the answer is 1977.

episode 4 came out in 1977. two years after Jaws!!Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope debuted May 25, 1977.

The first was Star Wars I, The Phantom Menace. It was Anakin as a 10 or 11 year old boy. The next was about 10 years later, Star Wars II, Attack of the Clones. After that comes Star Wars II.V, The Clone Wars Movie. (LOL). Then comes every and all Clone Wars episode. These cover Anakin at about 22. (I'm using Anakin and Luke for bases) After that is Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith. It's Anakin at 25 or so. Then, 20 or so years later, it's Star Wars IV, A New Hope. Luke is 18, 19, or 20. Then comes Star Wars V, The Empire Strikes Back, about 6 months later. Last comes Star Wars VI, Return of the Jedi, probably a year later. The movies are in correct order, but I'm not sure about the ages.

Revenge of the Sith was released into theaters on May 15th, 2005

If you mean Episode 2 "Attack of the Clones," it was released in 2002.

The very first Star Wars film was released in 1977

The first Star Wars film was created back in the year of 1977.

star wars: a new hope was made in 1977.

Star Wars was released on May 25, 1977.

The first star wars movie was released in 1977.

The first Star Wars film premiered on May 25, 1977

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