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When did bartolomeu die?

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On May 23 ,1500

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When did Bartolomeu Perestrello die?

Bartolomeu Perestrello died in 1457.

When did Bartolomeu Português die?

Bartolomeu Português died in 1669.

When did Bartolomeu Velho die?

Bartolomeu Velho died in 1568.

When did Bartolomeu Anania die?

Bartolomeu Anania died in 2011.

When did Bartolomeu de Gusmão die?

Bartolomeu de Gusmão died in 1724.

When did Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos die?

Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos died in 2008.

When did bartolomeu die not how?

On May 29 ,1500

When and where did bartolomeu dias die?

He died on a trip to the Indies

When did Bartolomeu Dias die?

He died on May 29 in 1500

Where was bartolomeu dais from?

Bartolomeu Dias was PortugueseBartolomeu Dias was Portuguese

How did bartolomeu dias die?

Bartholomeu Dias died when his ship was attacked and sunk.

When was bartolomeu dias born and when did he die?

borned : 1451 - died : 24 May 1500

What is bartolomeu birthday?

what countries supported bartolomeu dias

Where was bartolomeu dias from?

Bartolomeu Dias was born in Portugal in 1457.

When was Bartolomeu Português born?

Bartolomeu Português was born in 1666.

When was Bartolomeu Anania born?

Bartolomeu Anania was born in 1921.

Bartolomeu dias was a Catholic?

bartolomeu Dias was a catholic as i was told so

What country was bartolomeu dias sailing for?

Bartolomeu Dias sailed for africa.

How long did bartolomeu dias explore?

how long was bartolomeu dias an explorer

What is Bartolomeu Dias favorite color?

what was bartolomeu dias favorite color

What did Bartolomeu Dias wore?

Bartolomeu Dias wore normal Portiguise clothing.

How many trips did bartolomeu dias take?

Bartolomeu toke 7 trips.

What were the names of Bartolomeu Dias' ships?

what were the names of bartolomeu dias' ships?

When was Bartolomeu de Gusmão born?

Bartolomeu de Gusmão was born in 1685.

When was Bartolomeu Lysandro Airport created?

Bartolomeu Lysandro Airport was created in 1952.

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