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In 1736

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Q: When did ben Franklin create the first fire department in Pennsylvania?
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Was ben Franklin ever a firefighter?

He formed the first fire department in Pennsylvania.

What were some institutions founded by Franklin in Philadelphia PA?

The Academy and College of Philadelphia which evolved into the University of Pennsylvania, the first Pennsylvania fire department, the first American Hospital, Franklin and Marshall College and the first public lending library.

Why do you think the firefighter's rulebook credited Benjamin Franklin as being the first firemen?

The firefighter's rulebook credited Benjamin Franklin as the first fireman because he organized the first fire department in Philadelphia in 1736, creating a formal system of volunteer firefighters. Franklin's innovations in firefighting practices and equipment contributed significantly to modern fire service.

Where was the first stove invented by Benjamin Franklin?


What was the 1st state governor of Pennsylvania?

Benjamin Franklin was the first Governor of the US State of Pennsylvania.

Who was Pennsylvania's first governer?

As a US State it was Benjamin Franklin.

Who was Pennsylvania's first governor as a US State?

Benjamin Franklin.

Why is Benjamin Franklin important in Pennsylvania?

Benjamin Franklin lived in Philadelphia and owned a print shop. He also started the first subscription library in Philadelphia. He was a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress where the Declaration was written signed and later helped with the Constitution.

Who organized the first firefighting company and founded Pennsylvania's first library?

It was Benjamin Franklin and he also founded Pennsylvania's first hospital, and police force!

Who was governor of Pennsylvania between 1785 to 1788?

Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn Thomas Mifflin.

Who printed the Pennsylvania gazette?

At first it was Samuel Keimer then it was Benjamin Franklin.

Who invented first police department in PA?

Benjamin Franklin