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Congress approved the war because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Also because of the terrorist groups in the Middle East attacking the US and UK

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Q: When did congress approve the war in Iraq?
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When did Congress approve the first Iraq war?


Can congress tell us to invade Iraq?

Congress certainly has the power to declare war on Iraq.

Can war be declared by congress?

No, they can only approve war when the president asked for it

Was the Iraq war a war or a invasion?

Technically, because Congress never approved of it, Iraq is labeled an Invasion.

What can congress do if the president asks for defense money?

Congress must approve the congress is the head of defense and they can declare war .

Did GW Bush violate congress for Iraq war?

No. George W. Bush had an AUMF for the Iraq War, which is a form of congressional authorization for war.

Did President Bush have the support of congress for the Iraq war?


Is the war in Iraq a real congress aproved war or is it just a techinaical war?

Congress not only approved the war, but declared it, because the President does not have that power.

Did President Bush have the Congress' approval to declare war on Iraq?

No. Similar to many other conflicts in US history, Congress passed an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), which allows the President to deploy troops into a combat situation without calling it a war.

When was the last congress approved war?

The Iraq War. The president can not declare war. He can order troops without the consent of Congress for up to 90 days, but other than that, Congress approves every war.

Does the congress declare war?

In the United States Congress is the only authority provided by the Constitution that can approve an Official Declaration of War that would then be subsequently signed by the President.

Is Iraq a congress declared war?

The official transcript of the Constitution of the United States of America may be found here at the link below. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution of the United States of American enumerates the powers of the Congress. It clearly states that "The Congress shall have Power...To declare War..." They did not declare war on Iraq as mandated by the Constitution. They passed a joint resolution authorizing the President to attack Iraq which is not the same as a Congressional Declaration of War.