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When did football or soccer become popular in Australia?

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it became popular after the huge post World War 2 influx of European migrants and 'ten pond" poms!!. it has continued to grow as Immigration from soccer playing nations has continued.

another important factor is that it has become the sporting activity of choice for parents with young children due to its relative low cost and lack of physical contact and ability for mixed teams..boys and girls playing in the same team.

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Why is soccer a popular sport in Australia?

the reason for it being popular in Australia is because that is where the game futball as they call it in Australia was originated thereCorrection: Football has nothing to do with soccer in Australia. They are completely different.

Is Cricket as popular a sport in England the same as in Australia?

no, football(soccer) is

How did soccer become popular in Italy?

it was better than football

What is more popular football or WWE?

WWE is more famouse because football game is not popular in other continent like asia,australia antertica and other .if the question is about soccer soccer is famouse

What is more popular basketball or football in the world?

If by football you mean American football, then basketball is far more popular. If by football you mean soccer, then soccer is more popular. Soccer is the most popular in the world.

What is the most popular sport in Latin America?

soccer, footballits soccersoccerFootball (soccer).soccer

What sport is more popular in Australia Rugy or Soccer?

In Australia, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, rugby league, motorsports, cricket, rugby union, and soccer.So yes, you would say that rugby- although it is not the most popular sport in Australia, it is more popular than soccer.

How popular is soccer in Australia?

There are about 389,000 registered soccer players in Australia.

What is more popular rugby or football-soccer?

ANSWERSoccer is the most popular sport around the world by farANSWERRugby Union, however, is much more popular in the Australian and in the Pacific Regions and in South Africa.Soccer is not a viable sport in Australia compared with the other Australian football codes (Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL - Australian Football)In the Australian case, taking Queensland and New South Wales: the rugby codes are more popular by a country mile.However, in the southern, western regions of Australia and in Northern Territory, by far the most popular football code is AFL [Australian football].

Which sport is more popular football or soccer?


What sport in Australia is similar to soccer?

Australia has soccer as a sport. There is no other sport similar to soccer. The various codes of football played in Australia are nothing like soccer.

What is football known as in Australia?

Australia has both football and soccer, and they are two distinctly different sports.

What is the popular sport in Myanmar?

The most popular sport in Myanmar is "football (soccer)".

Does football mean soccer in Kenya?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

Does football mean soccer in cuba?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

What is more popular American football or soccer?

It is soccer of course, you see American football is popular in the U.S.A only, soccer is a world wide game , even ladies.

Why do thay call soccer football in other places?

Because football is its original name, as the ball is kicked by the foot. It is called football around the vast majority of the world, it is only in America where 'American Football' is so popular it is called soccer. Soccer is sometimes used in Australia due to Australian Rules Football. Both American and Australian Rules football are variations of soccer (football) hence there names.

What sport is more popular in America soccer or football?


Why is football more popular than soccer and basketball?

Football is more popular than soccer and basketball, because you can do anything: catch, hit, kick, push, run, throw, and more.(Football isn't more popular than soccer. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world :D)

Do australians like football more than rugby league?

Football meaning AFL or Soccer? Rugby League is more popular than soccer in Sydney also as well as AFL. Whole of Australia, AFL is most popular sport, and Rugby League is second and soccer is 4th just after cricket.

Is soccer the most popular sport in Israel?

No the most popular sport in Israel is Football not Soccer

What are popular Libyan sports?

soccer and football are popular in libya

Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Where did soccer a popular game originate?

Football or Soccer originated in England.

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?