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Per Quran revelation by God to prophet Muhammad, Islam originated by start of Quran revelation in year 610 AD. However, per the universal sense of Islam, it originated by start of universe creation. refer to question below.

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Islam originates from Saudi Arabia

Islam began in what is now Saudi Arabia.

Islam did not originate in India. Christianity did not. Judaism did not. Baha'i did not. Zoroastrianism did not.

Islam originated in present day Saudi Arabia...the main city was Mecca.

Muslims started Islam in the Arabian Peninsulia.

The spread of Islam began when, around 613 CE, the Islamic prophet .... Moreover, conversion to Islam did not necessarily imply a complete turning from an old.

Muhammad was instructed by Allah, in 620 A.D., to follow the Five Pillars of Islam in the Seventh Paradise.

acording to islam, islam stared with the first profit, adam (pbah). in saudi arabia. but according to many sites and other opinions islam started with muhammad

Islam is different from Hinduism and from two different country Islam was started by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was an uneducated man who did not write anything during his life

it originated the beginning of the end of life as most Aussies know it

Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.Judaism is about 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded in 33 CE.Islam was founded in 622 CE.

Islam was introduced to the world in 610 A.D. by the prophet Muhammad. Today, there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims throughout the world.

Muslims believe that Islam has been present since the times of Adam. The non Muslim society believes that the religion originated in Mecca.

Islam is vast spread in whole world. However it originate from the land of Arab, Makkah and Madinah. Currently known as Saudi Arabia.

All from Asia. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism came from the middle east and Buddhism came from Nepal.

Islam is an Abrahamic religion, and thus has its roots in Judaism and is connected to Christianity, as they all worship the same god. Islam originated with the prophet Muhammad, who Muslims believe to be a prophet of the god of Abraham.

No. The exact opposite occurred. Islam originated in the Middle East and spread to West Africa in the subsequent centuries.

Alishba is the name of one of our (islam) prophet's wife and son of that prophet was also prophet.

No. Hinduism preceded the birth of Mohammed by nearly 2000 years and has a fundamentally polytheistic basis.

There are only Three Main Religions - and they originated from Heaven. Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Allah knows better but maybe because it is arround the mid of the earth.

Yes they did. The Five Pillars of Islam (Declaration of the Islamic Faith) are:Bearing witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of AllahObservance of PrayerPaying ZakatFasting during RamadhanPilgrimage to the house of Allah

Islam, in its universal sense, originated by start of universe. However, Islam per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) originated in year 610 AD in Makkah (Mecca) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Refer to related question below.

The Islam five pillars originated from Quran as commands from God and was expressed as a hadith (saying) from prophet Myhammad (PBUH)

Islam religion; in its general sense of submission to Allah (God in English) had started since start of universe creation. However, Islam per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH), started in year 610 AD. Refer to question below.