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The first album that they made as Linkin Park is Hybrid Theory in 2000.

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What album has In the End by Linkin Park?

The song In the End by Linkin Park is featured on their album Hybrid Theory. That was the bands first album and they continue to make music today.

When did Linkin Park release their first album?

linkin park released there 1st album in 2000 called hybrid theory i have it

Is the album meteoria by linkin park?

meteora? meteora is by linkin park.

What are linkin parks first two albums?

The first album released by Linkin Park was Hybrid Theory (2000). Their second album was Meteora (2003).

When will linkin park 2010 album com out?

linkin park's fourth album will be out (according to the band) in the first 6 months of 2010.

What is the name of the album of Linkin Park released in 2010?

Linkin Park had released "A thousand suns" in 2010. It had 15 tracks. It took 2 years to make the album.

What is the name of the new linkin park album?

The Hunting Party was the last Linkin Park album. It was released in 2014.

What Linkin Park album was In the End on?

"In The End" was on the Linkin Park album "Hybrid Theory". It was released in the year 2000. This song is the most popular song of Linkin Park and is often synonymous to them.

What album has new divide from linkin park?

The album is New divide by linkin park its a single song in one album, sometimes referred to as a single.

What type of music is in the end by Linkin Park?

In the End is a song by Linkin park. It is nu-metal and rap rock. It is from their first album The Hybrid Theory.

Is Linkin Park coming out with a new album in 2009?

No. But on the spring of 2010 you can be pretty sure, that there will be a new album from Linkin Park coming out :)

Which rapper did Linkin Park collaborate with on the album Collision Course?

It was Jay-Z. Linkin Park also collaborated with him on their album Reanimation.

How did Linkin Park become famous?

Linkin Park was somewhat known before the release of their first album. Linkin Park shot to worldwide became fame after the release of their album "Hybrid Theory". Songs like Crawling, In the End and One step closer were super hits.

How did Linkin Park become a well known band?

Linkin Park was somewhat famous before the release of their first album. But after the release of their first album, Hybrid Theory, they shot to world-wide fame and sold millions of copies.

Does Linkin Park have a new album coming out?

Linkin Park released a new album on 13 June 2014. It is called "The Hunting Party".

What is the Worst Linkin Park Album?

All of linkin parks albums are great, but the worst has to be their remix album

Linkin Park New Album?

Linkin Park's newest album is Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes

What is the album in wich from the inside is from by linkin park?

The song "From The Inside" is from Linkin Park's album Meteora. It was released in 2003.

What album is crawling from Linkin Park?

It's from their album, Hybrid Theory.

What is a Linkin Park album with more than 15 songs?

No album of linkin park has more than 15 songs. A thousand Suns has 15 songs.

What was linkin parks first album?

As Xero, their first album was Xero Demo. As Hybrid Theory, their first album was Hybrid Theory EP. As Linkin Park, their first album was Hybrid Theory which was then followed by Reanimation, to Meteora, Live In Texas, Collision Course, Minutes To Midnight and their latest album, A thousand suns

Linkin Park 5th studio album?

linkin park's fifth studio album is called reanimation and it came out in 2002

When is linkin park touring again?

When the album comes out.

What is with Linkin Park now of 2010?

Linkin Park is working on making a new album to be released between 2010 and 2011.

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