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He's still alive. Trust me, you'd hear about it for years

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Did paul mcartney die in a car crash?


Is Paul Mcartney dead?

no Paul McCartney did not die, he is still alive and performing as a solo artist.

Who Paul mcartney?

Paul Mcartney is one of the Beatles that are still living . He plays the pianoand does vocals and continues to perform to this day.

Is Paul mcartney a vegatairn?

Yes, Paul is a Vegetarian

How old is Sir Paul Mcartney?

paul is 65

Is Paul McCartney rich?

Paul Mcartney is rich

When was Paul Mcartney born?


How much is Paul mcartney worth?

Paul is worth a tenner

What was the band name of paul mcartney and paul lennon?

The Beatles

Did paul McCartney really die in 1966?

Paul Mcartney is alive and engaged with a tennage daughter. He is most famous for being the band 'The Beatles.'

Which beatle was knighted in 1997?

paul mcartney

What was the name of the group mcartney formed after the beatles broke up?

The name of the group which not only included Paul but his wife Linda was Paul Mcartney and Wings.

Who performed the song for the movie James bond live and let die?

Paul Mcartney and Wings sang the song "Live and Let Die'

Was Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr closer to John Lennon?

paul Mcartney -A

Paul mcartney birth place?

Answer: Liverpool, England.

Where did paul mcartney live?

He lived in Liverpool, England.

Male richest celebrity in the world?

paul mcartney

What was the day Paul Mcartney died?

he has not yet died

Where in Liverpool was paul mcartney born in Liverpool?


Who are the Beatles survivors?

Paul Mcartney and Ringo Starr

Who is the tallest male singer in the world?

paul mcartney

Which Beatle was barefoot while crossing Abbey Road?

Paul McCartney

Is paul Mcartney in the wings?

He used to be in a band called Paul McCartney & Wings, yes.

Who was more rich paul mcartney or his wife?

bill gates

When did Dave McArtney die?

Dave McArtney died on April 15, 2013, in Auckland, New Zealand.

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