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When did plays turn into films?

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Q: When did plays turn into films?
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Dana Plays has written: 'The films of Dana Plays'

How plays C3P0 on the Star Wars films?

who plays him is Anthony Daniels

How are films and plays the same?

They arent the same. Films are videos were actors act their role. Plays are when actors perform a story live on a stage.

Who plays spidermn in the films?

Tobey Mcguire

What are matinΓ©es?

Daytime showings of films or plays.

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Robert pattinson played edward cullen in the twilight films

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What cable station plays old films?


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You can get almost all animals in plays and films.

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Judy Dench

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'Dodgeball' :D

How are plays different from films?

plays have a script and acted there and then by peolple, films on the other hand r nomaly computer graphiced (most of the time). I hope this is wot u r looking for!

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melodrama is use for plays,films,or television progam

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Danny glover

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Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Daphne in the first two live action films.

Has enid blytons book been made into film and plays?

Has Enid blyton books been made in to films and plays

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Orlando Bloom

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