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Poverty has always been a problem throught ut the world, and yet not many people realsie how bad poverty id until it affects there local areas this could be at different times, it also depends on the extreme precise of witch definition of poverty

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yess true

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Q: When did poverty start to become a problem?
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Why is poverty a problem in Madagascar?

Yes, in some places in Madagascar poverty is a problem.

Why is poverty an economic problem?

Poverty is an economic problem because the economy is related to money, and if one lives in poverty, then they have none.

Is there a poverty problem in the US?

Yes. Poverty is world wide.

Is there a poverty problem in the Philippines?

There are poverty problems in ALL countries.

Was poverty a problem in the country when the telephone was created in 1873?

Yes poverty was a problem when the telephone was invented/created

How do you start off an introduction paragraph on poverty?

start by stating a fact abouty poverty or putting in a good quote about poverty

How the govt in India is trying to solve the problem of poverty?

The government in India is trying to solve the problem of poverty by increasing industry,agriculture which can give up the jobs for the poor people who are facing the problem of poverty.

How did poverty become a racial problem?

blacks were not able to get jobs easily or did not find jobs so they would eventually be on the street

What is a sentence for poverty?

Example: Poverty continues to be a problem as thousands of Americans have no work.

How poverty is a educational problem?

because it is

What is the major problem in the Philippine's?


How should you value the importance of Poverty?

Poverty is a huge problem in the United States, as well as many countries around the world. It is important to bring focus to the problem of poverty and work together to put an end to nations where poverty exists.

What year did child poverty start?

There was no starting date for child poverty.

What is the top problem of the Philippines?

The top 1 problem of the Philippines is POVERTY.

What is the problem with poverty?

Someone was too rich

Who do you think should be blamed for this problem which is the poverty?

the govt.of the country is to blame.if the govt. takes proper measurement and schemes which are effective for the people then poverty will not be a problem.

Why is extreme poverty a problem?

Extreme poverty is a problem because people don't have enough food to live. Of you have seen pictures on the news or something you will know how skinny people in poverty are. It is horrible to see. I would hate to be a kid in poverty and I think it needs to be stoppped!!

How does poverty start?

Poverty is a state of mind. So it has its origin and builds its stronghold in the mind.

Is poverty a problem in India?

Yes, poverty is widespread in India, with about 41% of the population living below the poverty line of US$1 per day.

What could be India's biggest problem?


Ten major problem of economics of the Philippines?


What is the most common problem in east timor?


Is the government of Zimbabwe helping with its problem of hunger and poverty?


Why is college tuition a problem?

Because of widespread poverty

What was the problem in A Christmas Carol?

The problem, pervasive in all aspects of the story, is poverty. Every Spirit demonstrates poverty to Scrooge, and once he has reformed, even Scrooge's generousity and open-handness emphasizes the poverty and need he was hoping to alleviate.