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Gosh, must have been a century or more ago. They had it when I was in school ... that was before Moses was born :-)!

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Where did start the education?

Ancient Greece began the first schools/education.

When did physical education start in Nigeria?

it is as old as man himself, if you can trace the history of education in nigeria you can as well trace history of physical education in nigeria

What school subjects start with the letter P?

physical education

When did physical education begin?

The brief history of physical education would start in just about 1820 when schools focused on gymnastics, hygiene training and care and development of the human body. By the year 1950, over 400 institutes had introduced majors in physical education. The Young Men's Christian Association launched its very first chapter in 1851 and focused on physical activities. Colleges were encouraged to focus on intramural sports particularly track, field and football.

When do citizens in Mexico start paying for education?

Education is free in Mexico; from pre-school / kindergarten to college. However, many private schools exist and many parents send their children to such schools.

When did US start PE classes?

Physical education was officially recognized in the United States in the early 1800's. Colleges and Universities began to offer physical education programs throughout the 1800's. Finally, in 1866 California was the first to mandate physical education.

How does corruption affects education?

corruption in education occurs when the schools start taking indirect bribe on the name of "donation". If one cannot afford to give this "donation" he/she is not given admission.

what education do personal trainers need?

A personal trainer normally goes to school to get a degree in physical education. You can start by working in a gym to get the experience working with people.

How do physical education helps developed the mental aspect?

because of physical education person can become fit in all things or sates ,because of physical education our mentally power become fit or strong ,and people can start thinging about him self ,thing for his own benifit ,the thinging of people become more strong and powerfull in physical allthings are there ,,,,,,,they can become physically fit in allthings,.

When did education start?

The ancient Greeks had the first schools. In the United States the first public schools were in the colonies as early as 1635. For thousands of years people have realized that children need to educated.

What subjects are taught in school?

In school, the following subjects are usually taught: Maths, English, science, history, geography, religious education, PSHE and physical education. In some schools, you are fortunate enough to get: Art, music, cooking, ICT, graphics, woodwork, textiles, woodwork and at the start of the day, maybe form/class time.

What jobs will employ a special education teacher with out training?

Most schools will hire you if you have a degree. Check your local community college for classes that offer education and get your associates degree to start off.

How do you start an essay on evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of religious education teaching in schools?

Check out That is the site that will be useful for you.

When did theater in education start?

when did theatre in education start ?

Pre Vet Schools?

Working as a veterinarian is a very rewarding career for those who love animals. Students who are interested in investigating the education requirements involved in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine should research pre vet schools. Pre vet schools are a good way for prospective veterinarians to get a start on the education that they need.

When do the schools start in Armenia?

The schools in Armenia start at September first.

how can i get at home education?

If you want to get a home education, you should start by looking for colleges or schools in your area that offer online training. This is the simplest way to obtain home edu. but you can apply for teachers to come to your house.

Are there schools like St Marie Academy from yumeiro patissiere?

There are several desert and pastry based culinary schools around the world, they differ from St Marie's as they do not start their education from a middle school age. Culinary schools in the real world take on people who have finished their general education and are ready to pursue their passion rather than children who display a talent.

Are there private schools in Greece?

There is a wide range of private schools in Greece. 6% of students who attend compulsory education (the highest percent in the European Union) study in Private Schools. Tuition fees start from 1.500 euros to 13.000 euros according to the school and the year.

When did bullying start in schools?

Probably right after there were schools.

Who has the primary responsibility to start charter schools?

Citizens have the primary responsibility to start charter schools.

Why does middle schools start so early?

Because middle school students are older and smarter than elementary students and need more education for when they get out of school.

What age do kids start catholic religious education?

Given that religious instruction is meant to be the responsibility of parents as well as schools in Catholicism, from as early an age as possible.

What are the purposes of the physical education?

There are many purposes for Physical Education some fundamental some interactive ... Education is more then just reading books and having to recall what was told to you ... Physical Education is one one these subjects... The main premises of Physical Education is interacting with others and doing things as a team ... Their are health reason for this subject in schools ... In United States of America their is a high population of obese children this is one way to get the heart pumping and start to loss weight ... Physical Education is also a down time which all persons need ...Schools want physical education so the kids will be healthy, flexible and strong. They want them to think being healthy is fun!The role and purpose of physical education within the school curriculum is one of much debate. Though, despite the common misconception it's role is not to teach sport. The purpose of PE is to physically educate, by combining cognitive thinking skills and physical movement. The subject therefore uses sporting activities as a vehicle to do this. Physical literacy is only one component of physical education, many other facets of the subject should be common place within schools, such as knowledge and understanding of anatomical and physiological structure and function, the ability to; develop skills, make and apply decisions, develop physical and mental capacity to succeed, evaluate and improve performance, and most importantly promote and understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. The contexts in which these are taught can range from traditional sports to exercise programs and classroom learning.There are different purposes and advantages to P.E or Physical Education. A widely known purpose is to keep the person who is practicing the various exercises to lose weight and become more healthy.P.E also teaches you how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking yet also develop ideas in a creative way.So you stay in shape and not get over weight because if you get way over weight you can have heart problems and won't live every long. You must not like PE if you are asking this question if you don't like make sure to not to eat alot of junk so you stay healthy. Or PE is sucky because it isn't fun what you can do is ride your bike or scooter, skateboard, even play sports.

What does it take to start a driver's education business?

I would like to start a drivers education business in Kansas, where do I start?