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Officially, the shoe sizes haven't changed. Adult sizes are 6-11+ ; the 35 size is the European size. The majority of shoes are made in Far-Eastern factories so they have all sizes labelled on them.

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Q: When did shoe sizing in UK change eg size 2 became 35?
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What is European shoe size equivalent of Indian shoe size 6?

I'm under the impression that Indian shoe sizing is the same as UK shoe sizing.. in which case the European equivalent to an Indian/UK size 6 is 39.5

What is shoe size 11.5 in US equals to shoe size in Europe?

44.5 in Euro sizing

Convert Australian child shoe size 6 to European sizing?

The European shoe size for an American shoe size six is 36

What is a UK shoe size equivalent of Indian size 7?

7, UK Sizing and Indian Sizing is same for shoes

What American shoe size is European shoe size 34?

I almost positive it is a size two in Canadian/U.S.A. sizing.

What is UK shoe size for Indian shoe size 8?

Its exactly the same. They use the same sizing as we do in the UK

What is India shoe size equivalent of UK size 7?

The sizing is the same.

What is the conversion of Philippines shoe size 8 to US shoe size?

There is no conversion for a Philippines shoe size 8 to a U.S. shoe size. This is because they both use the same sizing system.

What does shoe size 7 mean in German shoe size?

Shoes in the European sizing chart are not gender based. However, the US employs a M/F sizing, a mens size 7 is a 39 EU and a women's 7 is a 37.5EU.,

What measurements is the shoe size 5?

A woman's size 5 shoe in the US is usually about 8.5 inches, while in the UK a size five shoe is 9.25 inches. Keep in mind however, that shoe sizing varies from brand to brand.

What size shoe does kaulitz?

Bill and Tom both wear a size 42 in European sizing, which is a 9 in America.

Convert Australian size 10 in ladies to European sizing?

There are three main shoe sizes in the world American, European, and Australian. A size 10 in ladies in Australian is equal to a size 42 in European sizing.

What size in horse riding boots would you be if you are size 3 in shoes?

sometimes it depends on the brand - but i am a shoe size 8 and i wear a 8 boot size its basicly the same sizing and with any shoe - it depends on the brand

What is a women's size 7 shoe in boys?

It is a size 5 in men's sizing. There may be additional variation for width, depending on the brand.

What nike size is a under armour 9?

In the US shoe sizing chart, a Nike size 9 is the same as the Under Armour size 9.

What is the euro shoe size for a 10 in English?

Answer is Euro size 45. See The size 45 shoe is men sizing in euro, a size 10 men size shoe can also be 44 - 45 depending on the designer. In women a size 10 shoe can be a size 40 - 41. This also depends on the designer.

What is a mans size 8 shoe in womans sizing?

Men's shoe sizes are typically 2 sizes larger than women's. So, a men's size 8 would be equivalent to a women's size 6.

What is the sizing difference between a size 8 in womens shoes and a size 8 in mens shoes?

A man's shoe is bigger than a women's shoe. A general rule of conversion is to take two sizes away from a women's shoe size to find the man's size. For example, A size 8 in women's = a size 6 in men's.

What is the average shoe size for a 10-year-old female?

In Australian sizing its 4 or 5 or even 3

How do you spell sizing?

That is the correct spelling of "sizing" (adjusting to size).

what is a mens 5.5 shoe size in woman shoes?

Size 7 in womens. There is an approximate 1.5 size difference between Men's and Women's sizing (e.g., a men's size 7 is roughly equivalent to a women's size 8.5). In most styles, the smallest men's size offered is 5.5.

If child shoe size 7.5 UK what is USA equivalent size?

Try our sizing chart: Brought to you by the Shoes For Little Feet Team

Is sizing a real word?

no.. Sizzling is tho! Sizing might be sorting something by size, as in "In this room, these people are sizing eggs."

What is size 10 in American sizing?

size 16

What is US shoe size 9.5 for Indian shoe size?

if usa shoe size is 9.5 what is the indian shoe size