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Against Poland, in September 1939.

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Q: When did the Germans first use the 'blitzkrieg' in an attack?
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The Germans first successfully use the blitzkrieg in an attack on?


How did the Germans use blitzkrieg in Poland and great Britain?

They used it to surprise attack on Poland

Where did the Germans first use the blitzkrieg?

Poland in September 1939.

What where some strategies used in World War 2?

The Germans used Blitzkrieg, and WWII say the first widespread use of Guerrilla warefare.

How can you use the word aggressive in World War 2?

Blitzkrieg "The Nazis' aggressive attack on Poland was called Blitzkrieg (lightning war)".

Did Germans use the Blitzkrieg on D-day?

No, it was not used on D-Day. Germany was in a defensive state during the invasion . The blitzkrieg is only used in offensive operations.

3 On what country did the Germans first use their blitzkrieg tactics?

The German military first used their famed 'Blitkrieg" warfare in the invasion of Poland which began on September 1, 1939.

What attack did the Germans use during the World War 2?

Blitzkrieg : a tactic based on speed and surprise and needed a military force to be based around light tank units supported by planes and infantry .

What kind of tactics did the Germans use for World War 2 battles?

It was 'blitzkrieg' meaning thunder and lightening warfare.

Did the us use a blitzkrieg to defeat japan?

No. The typical blitzkrieg is a fast-paced invasion using waves of attack and throws everything the army has to use in the invasion at the opposition. It involved aircraft, tanks, artillery fire and other sorts of weaponry and was only really used by the Germans. It was characterized by the speed at which the attack was carried out. The US spent four years creeping across the ocean towards Japan and never invaded.

Where did germany first use blitzkrieg?

Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, was first used by Germany in their 1939 invasion of Poland. It was then used in 1940 in the operations against France and the Netherlands.

What country did the Germans Successfully use the Blitzkrieg attack on?

\ The Germans use Blitzkrieg attacks on Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Yugoslavia and Greece. They also conquered Denmark, but in a single day, apparently by political terms. The USSR (Russia, the Baltic states, East Poland, Ukraine and Belorussia) was also victim of the blitzkrieg tactic, having an outstanding success at first, but was halted by the numerous Russian forces near Moscow. "Germany successfully used the Blitzkrieg tactic against Poland (attacked in September 1939), Denmark (April 1940), Norway (April 1940), Belgium (May 1940), the Netherlands (May 1940), Luxembourg (May 1940), France (May 1940), Yugoslavia (April 1941), and Greece (April 1941)."

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