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When did the Soviet Union enter WW2?

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Estonia was part of the soviet union during WW2, therefore they had no choice and they had to go into the war with the soviet union.

The Soviet Union was a communist government in WW2

the soviet union became a superpower in WW2.

The soviet Union took over the Eastern half of Germany.

The leader of the Soviet Union during WW2 was Joseph Stalin.

After the WW2 Soviet Union occupied Romania for 13 years.

the soviet union had a communist government after ww2

after ww2, the soviet union wanted to control the world

During the WW2 these countries were occupied by Soviet Union army.

Romania entered in the WW2 (Great Romania was after WW1) because Soviet Union occupied Basarabia and Northern Bukowina.

Yes Joseph Stalin Was The Dictator Of The Soviet Union, Or Called USSR, Around WW1 And WW2. The Soviet Union Is Now Called Russia.

Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union during World War II.

The Soviet Union joined the Allied Powers during WW2 because Germany, who were supposed to be their ally, invaded part of the Soviet Union so they wanted to get their land back so they joined the Allied Powers.

Poland was occupied by Soviet Union after WW2

The German invasion of the Soviet Union during WW2 was called Operation Barbarossa.

The Soviet Union was run by Josef Stalin through WW2,his regime started in 1924 after the death of Lenin,and lasted through WW2 until his death of a heart-attack in 1953

Yes, Joseph Stalin did in fact gain power in the soviet Union.He gained a lot of his power after WW2 because he was seen as a hero to the soviet union after the soviets crushed the German military in WW2.

The leader of the Soviet union during WWII was Joseph Stalin he was leader from 1924 until his death in 1953

His invasion of the Soviet Union during WW2.

Well, at the start of WW2, only Bukovina and Bessarabia were part of the Soviet Union. But later on, a lot of Northern Romania was.

Germany invaded the Soviet Union, breaking their non-aggression pact.

August 9, 1945, but Soviet Union fought with Japan in Soviet-Japanese Border War since 1938. July 29, 1938 – August 11, 1938(Battle of Lake Khasan) and May 11 - September 16, 1939 (Battle of Khalkhin Gol). It's not part of ww2 officialy, but ww2 had already started during it.

No. The Soviet Union did enter World War 2 but on the other side. Germany invaded and then forced the Soviet Union into the war

Iran was occupied by the Soviet Union and United Kingdom during the WW2.

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