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Why did great Romania enter the war?

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Romania entered in the WW2 (Great Romania was after WW1) because Soviet Union occupied Basarabia and Northern Bukowina.

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Was team in world war 1 was Romania in?

no,because if the romania was in it some of eurpe was going to enter a fight

Was there a war in Romania in 1997?

No war in Romania in 1997.

Does Romania have civil war?

Romania hadn't civil war.

Who was on the Romania side in World War 1?

The allies of Romania are: France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Russia (only partially), etc.

When was Romania founded?

Romania is founded after the Roman Empire conquered Dacia, after the second great war with Roman Empire and Dacia (101-102, 105-106 B.C.) The independent state of Romania was founded after the war (1877-1878) with the Turk.

Why did Romania enter world war 1?

Romanians want to free the Romanian territories invaded by the Austro-Hungarians imperialists.

When was the Great Unification of Romania?

The Great Unification of Romania was on the 1st of December 1918.

Do Nigerian visa free to Romania?

Nigerian citizens need a visa to enter in Romania.

Is Nigeria passport visa free to Romania?

Citizens from Nigeria need a visa to enter in Romania.

What was the last war Romania was in?

Romania was involved in the war against Libya.A contribution to the war of NATO countries against Libya.

How was romania part of World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Romania during World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Do Jamaicans need visa to visit Romania?

Yes, Jamaican citizens need a visa to enter in Romania.

When do Romania enter Schengen?

This date is not known today.

Who did Romania take sides with in world war 2?

In the world war II Romania was allied with Germany.

When did Romania during World War I happen?

Romania during World War I happened in 1916-08.

When and why did Great Britain enter World War 2?

Great Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939 after Germany invaded Poland.

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