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There are different ways to define space exploration. In the 1940s the US began sending animals into space. Planning for US human exploration began with the formation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in July of 1958.

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Q: When did the US begin space exploration?
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Did space exploration began in the US?

Space Exploration did not begin in the US. The first country to successfully launch a human into outer space was the Soviet Union.

When did space exploration begin?


Why did they begin space exploration?

Curiosity and ego, to prove it could be done.

How does space exploration help us?

It helps us by giving us signals

What group leads the us in its space exploration program?

NASA or the European space agency

What kind of technology helped US space program?

It is in astronomy, space travel and exploration

Should the US spend money on space exploration?


Who leads the us in its space exploration program?

that's a good question

What country led the way in space exploration?

The Soviet Union and the US.

What is the history of space exploration?

The history of space exploration would come in several volumes. Not one book, but a number of them. Wikipedia has an article that will help you get started. A link is provided. Begin by looking at the table of contents of that Wikipedia article.

Are there objects in space that start with the letter R?

· Rovers (US exploration of Mars)

Objects in space that start with r?

· rockets · Rovers (US exploration of Mars)