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The same time the nation of the United States of America was created, in 1776...

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Q: When did the US government take effect?
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What is the nickname for a series of US government spending cuts and tax increases that could take effect in January?

I Believe it is the Fiscal Cliff

What effect did the free veto have on the government of Poland Lithuania?

It made it difficult for the government to take decisive action

Why is the US government trying to take over the world?

The US government is not trying to take over the world but it is only trying to do what all other governments do. The US government wants to expand its territory and increase its worth.

What fear started the Red Scare?

that communists would take over the us government. (apex)

What was the main effect of the US government's deception about its policies and military conduct in Vietnam?

The American people no longer trusted the government.

How does the government affect us?

the government effect us by like adding more taxes. you cant do anything about it so it affects us. they make you pay more for your income taxes. i hope this helps you

When the president of the US makes a treaty with a foreign nation or nominates people for government positions what role does the U.S. Senate play?

The Senate must approve these nominations in order for them to take effect.

How do citizens of the US take part in the government?


How do tornados effect us?

Tornadoes can effect us because they can destroy our property. If you know a tornado is in the area, you need to take proper precautions.

How does lockes ideas of government effect us today?

well locke believed that people were good and they are!

When was the executive branch of the government put in place?

It is mandated by the US constitution which went into effect in 1788.

What was an effect of the British attack on fort duguesne?

Changes in the government of Britain. Apex: US History Sem. 1