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It is said that the US joined the day after North Korea broke the line of the 38th parallel. The 38th parallel was broken by North Korea on June 25th, 1950. So I believe that the US joined June 26th, 1950.

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Q: When did the US join the Korean war?
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Did Australia join the Korean War?

Well sure they went they had to due to the alliance with the US.

What year did china join the Korean War?

china joined the Korean war on October 25th 1950

Who in the US government supported the Korean War?

The US Government supported the Korean War.

What was the result of US development in the Korean War?

korean war <=-spear

Who was the most decorated US soldier in the Korean War?

See Korean War Facts or Korean War Educator.

When did the united nation join Korean war?

1950 at the outbreak.

Why did the US enter the Korean war-?

The US entered the Korean war in order to protect South Korea

The us participation in the Korean War?

yes, US forces participated in the korean war from 1950 to 1953

Who were the Allies of the US in the Korean War?

see website: Korean War for the list.

Why did American join in Korean war?

The US is a member of the UN and the UN agreed to assist South Korea aginst North Korea.

When did the us withdraw from the Korean war?

"us" I wasn't apart of the Korean War, I wasn't even born yet!

What war was after Korean War?

For the US, Vietnam.

US Korean Conflict declared Korean War?

not sure of your question, but the Korean war was clasified as a POLICE ACTION

How was America an allie during the Korean War?

The US was the primary combatant of the Korean War.

How many US troops were sent in the Korean War?

The troops were not sent in the Korean war

Did the United States fight the Korean war?

US forces participated in the Korean war...

What came first the US Civil War the War of 1812 or the Korean War.?

The US civil War began in 1861 and the Korean War began in 1950 and the War of 1812 began in 1812. So it goes from left to right War of 1812, US Civil War, Korean War

How did the Korean war affect African Americans?

The Korean War was the FIRST war in US History in which they were "Officially Integrated" into the US military forces.

What was the youngist age to join military during Korean war?


How many US service members served in the Korean War?

Approximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

How many troops and supplies did the US contribute to the Korean War?

Aproximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

Why did the us decide not to join war in 1914?

did us join war in1914 yes or no

Why did the US get involed with the Korean War?

The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" battle of the Cold War; a war against communism.

Why did US military officers join the Korean War?

Military officers go where they are ordered. They don't have a choice in the matter, to disobey can be considered treason.

What was the mortality rate of the Korean WAr?

Over 33,000 US servicemen were killed in the Korean War.