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When did the allies win ww2?

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May 07, 1945 in Europe V-E Day

Aug 14, 1945 in Pacific V-J Day

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Did Germany win the war or british?

The allies won in both WW1 and WW2 against Germany.

Did D-Day help the Allied win World War 2?

D-day definatly helped the allies win the war. It was one of the most important battles of WW2 D-day definatly helped the allies win the war. It was one of the most important battles of WW2

Did d-day cause the Allied forces to win?

Yes, D-Day was a major factor in the Allies winning WW2.

Who helped the Allies win World War 2?

The country who helped the Allies win WW2 was the USA. Later on in the war, the dropping of the atomic bomb in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, president Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. Then the USA joined the Allies ,with the battle of D-Day, and defeated the German Nazis. The US left the war a little earlier before the actual ending of WW2. If it weren't for the US, the Allies would have lost to the Axis.

What countries were allies with Hitler?

Italy and Japan were Germany's main allies during WW2.

Why was Prussia disbanded?

The allies of WW2 saw Prussia as one of the main reasons for why WW2 broke out.

What did Franklin D roosevelt do in world war 2?

He was the US President and Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. He led the country and the Allies to win WW2

Were Japanese allies with Germany?

Yes, in WW2; no in WW1.

Who Canada fight with in world war 2?

Canada was one of the main Allies in both WW2 and WW1.

Why is the Battle of Berlin so important?

Battle of Berlin was important in WW2 for two reasons. The first one was that it was the final battle of WW2 and secondly, it was battle for the German capital and the allies knew that the could end the Holocaust and WW2 in Europe if they win the battle of Berlin, and force the Germans involved into surrender.

How many allies died during ww2?

11,705,250 allies died during WWII according to statistics.

What countries were US allies in world war 2?

Our allies in WW2 were Russia, Great Britain, and France.

What order did the allies surrender?

The Allies did not surrender in WW2 . You must be reading a different book than us.

Why was Korea partitioned?

This was the result of WW2 because of the fight of the Allies against the non Allies (including the Japanese).

Was USA and USSR ever friends?

During WW2 we were allies.

Could the allies have won WW2 without the colonies help?


What is a history word that starts with the letter A?

allies and axis in WW2

Who is winning in war war 2?

WW2 was won by the Allies .

Which country had citizens that would have helped the allies in ww2?


What were the names of the land vehicles that were used by allies in ww2?


What country did the allies fight against?

Which war? WW1 or WW2

Did the allies win world war 2?

Yes!The allies did win WW2.Thanx to...Britain winning the Battle of BritainBritain cracking the Engima codeAmerican supplys of weapons to the BritishHitler making the mistake of invading RussiaBritish supply of food to the RussiansHitler shooting himself in the head

Is Italy allies or axis?

well in ww1 it was in the allies. but in ww2 it was a axis. so i dont know if it will be allied or axis.

Did the central powers or the allies win in ww1?

The Allies won.

Did America win WW2?

yes they did

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