Austin and Ally

Austin and Ally is a show about a girl named Ally that's a song writer but is afraid to perform live so she writes songs for Austin, a local up-and-coming star who isn't capable of writing songs for himself. Austin has Ally as his song writer, Ally's friend Trish as his Manager and Austin's friend, Dez as his Director and Cameraman.

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Austin and Ally

How old is Austin of Austin and Ally?

His age on the show (2011-2016) is 17 to 19 years old. The actor, Ross Lynch, was 15 years old in 2011 when the first episode aired, and 20 years old when the series ended in January 2016 (birthdate December 29, 1995).

Austin and Ally

What is Austin moons real name on Austin and ally?

Ross Shor Lynch!<3

Austin and Ally

Where does Ross Lynch live in Austin and ally?

Miami, Fl.

Austin and Ally

What is Austins real name in Austin and ally the tv show?

Names Austin Is Ross Lynch And Ally Is Laura Marano

Austin and Ally

Who plays Austin moon on Austin and ally?

Ross Lynch who is a great singer plays as Austin moon in Austin and ally.

Austin and Ally

What kind of phone does Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally have?


Austin and Ally

What is the real names for Austin in Austin and ally?

Austin Moon is played by Ross Lynch

Ally Dawson is played by Laura Marano

Dez is played by Calum Worthy

Trish is played by Raini Rodriguez

Austin and Ally

Should Austin and ally off of the tv show Austin and ally date yes or no?

this is the best answer, yes cause she has a crush on him. also he has a crush on her

Austin and Ally

Who is Austin in austin and ally?

Ross Lynch <333

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Austin and Ally

Are Ross Lynch and Jane Lynch related?

They are not related, they just have the same last name.

Ross Lynch, his three brothers (Riker, Rocky, Ryland) and his sister Rydel, are the children of Mark and Stormie Lynch.

Austin and Ally

What is Austin's real name from Austin and ally?

Ross Lynch

Austin and Ally

Is Laura marano and Ross Lynch dating?

No they are not dating in real life or on Austin & Ally... But I don't know if they will in the show cause I saw an interview and they asked if there will b romance and Laura smiled and said to expect it and Ross said he wasn't sure it was romance!! I guess just keep watching to find out! :)

Austin and Ally

Who plays Austin in Austin and Ally?

Ross Shor Lynch

Austin and Ally

How old is the whole cast of austin and ally?

Raini is 18, Ross is 16, Laura is 16, and Calum is 22

Austin and Ally

How old is trish in Austin and ally?

she is not 9 she is 15

Austin and Ally

Will Austin and ally date?

All signs point to YES but only for a short while I think they might. Like, do "friends" give each other sweet talks, and try to help them all the time, risking their career for you? Nope, they don't. Auslly will happen! I mean, I've heard there will be some Auslly in episode 13 of the show, but if it doesn't, I'm going to kill the person who spread the rumor... haha, just kidding. :)

Austin and Ally

Who plays ally in the show Austin and ally?

Laura Marano plays ally

Austin and Ally

What is dez's real name from Austin and ally?

Dez's real name is Calum Worthy

Austin and Ally

When was Laura Marano born from Austin and Ally?

November 29 1995

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Austin and Ally

When and where was the first ally oop play?

I believe the first ally oop play occured in 1945 during a game between Savannah, Tn., and Selmer Tn. high schools. Can anyone recall an earlier instance? Jack Parrish

Answerit was it 1902 by me Sean chase former minneanapolis lakers star
Austin and Ally

How old is Laura marano from Austin and ally?


Austin and Ally

What does dez shirt say in austin and ally tickets and trash bags say?

it says and this is the summer of our lives

Austin and Ally

Who plays dallas on Austin and ally?

Noah Centineo

Austin and Ally

What is ally's real name off of Austin and ally?

Ally's real name is Laura Marano and Austin's name is Ross Lynch

Austin and Ally

What state does Austin from Austin and Ally live?

He lives in Miami, Florida


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