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The air attack on North Vietnam began on 2 March 1965 and was sustained until 1 November 1968 as Operation Rolling Thunder by the 7th US Air Force, the Republic of Vietnam Air Force, the US Navy and the CIA's Air America.

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Q: When did the bombing of North Vietnam begin?
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What was the first extensive your bombing of north Vietnam?

what was the first extensive u.s. bombing of north vietnam

What did operation rolling thunder do in north Vietnam?

It sustained bombing in north Vietnam

During the war the US bombed North Vietnam and what other country?

Strategic bombing of the North; Tactical bombing in South Vietnam. Covert bombing in Laos/Cambodia.

What strategy did Nixon choose to use in Vietnam?

Vietnamization Bombing North Vietnam

What president began bombing north Vietnam?

LBJ commenced his bombing campaigns over the North with Rolling Thunder in 1965.

How did President Johnson open the way for negoitations in Vietnam?

He stopped the bombing of North Vietnam.

Which action was part of Nixon's strategy to end the Vietnam War?

Bombing North Vietnam

Who was the president during the buildup of Vietnam war?

LBJ was the first US president to send conventional combat troops to RVN and the first president to begin openly bombing North Vietnam.

What was Escalation decision making during Vietnam war?

If the North didn't want to talk at the peace table, bombing missions over the North Vietnam were stepped up. If the North conducted large offensive operations in South Vietnam, more bombing. If the North hinted they might want to talk, the bombing might be suspended for awhile.

Ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam?

president Johnson

Who ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam?

president johnson

What was the result of the gulf of tonkin resolution?

The direct bombing of North Vietnam and open warfare between the US and North Vietnam.

How did the us use air power in Vietnam?

Strategic bombing was conducted over North Vietnam; tactical bombing was conducted in South Vietnam; Secret bombings were conducted in Laos and Cambodia.

Who ordered the bombing raids on North Vietnam?

Lyndon B. Johnson

What led to the bombing of north Vietnam?

The Tonkin Gulf Incident(s).

Did president Johnson start bombing north Vietnam in 1965?


What was the code name for the bombing of north Vietnam in 1965?

Rolling Thunder

Who was the main enemy of north Vietnam?

The US. Only the US was bombing North Vietnam. Although American and Australian men 'o war were bombarding North Vietnam along their coastline.

What president ordered bombing raids on north vietnam?

LBJ started the bombing by attacking North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boat bases in North Vietnam; in retaliation for their attacks on US Navy destroyers in the Tonkin Gulf in August 1964.

Why did the Vietnam war begin to lose support at home?

The publication of the Pentagon Papers The people were basically fighting a war for no reason. Ordering the invasion of Cambodia Ordering the bombing of North Vietnam during peace negotiations

How do You make a peace treaty of the US the Vietnam war?

We would call a "bombing halt" (temporarily suspend aerial bombing over NORTH Vietnam), as a gesture of good will. Hopefully, the north would come to the peace table to negotiate. If not, the aerial bombing would resume. And it did.

What caused Nixon to lose support for his Vietnam policies?

ordering the bombing of North Vietnam during peace negotiations

What was the first extensive US bombing of North Vietnam?

operation rolling thunder

What were solutions to the Vietnam War?

Bombing the north back to the peace negotiations; which occurred.

What was the conduct of the Vietnam War?

Aerial bombing in the North; Search and Destroy in the South.