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When did the current American flag first fly?

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The original American flag was designed in 1777 by Betsy Ross. It wasn't until 1959 that President Eisenhower order all 50 states to be represented on the flag, it wasn't until then that the current flag flew.

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What foreign country was the first to fly the American flag?


Which Foreign country was the first to fly the American flag?


When did the first American flag fly on the moon?

July 20 1969

What flag can fly above the US flag?

No flag can be flown the American flag when on American soil.

Where is the first American flag now?

The American flag is located in one of the Smithsonian's! But it is destroyed so there is no way it will fly again!!

How do you fly the American flag should I fly an American flag below a light or above a light?

The American flag should be flown above a light as a sign of respect

When is it appropriate to fly the American flag upside down?

Never ! It is never appropriate to fly the American flag upside down !

Which country was the first to fly th American flag?

Abigail gonzalez and Nikki robertson

What country was first to fly the American flag?

Libya - over Fort Derne, on the shores of Tripoli

Can you fly the british flag below the American flag?

only in America

What are the regulations for displaying American flag with another flag?

The American Flag must always fly higher than the other

Can a windsock fly above the American flag?


What flag should fly above the American flag?

Nothing, unless a bird or a plane happens to fly above it.

What state can fly it's flag at the same height as the American flag?


What was the first warship to fly the American flag called and who commanded it?

The Ranger and Captain John Paul Jones.

What are the rules for flying a historical American flag with a 50-star American flag?

You'll want to fly the most recent version of the American flag on top. You can then fly the historical version below and normally etiquette will say to fly a smaller size for that historical one. The 50 Star American flag should always be the most prominent.

When did Canada's current flag fly for the first time on Parliament Hill?

Canada's Maple Leaf flag flew on Parliament Hill for the first time at the stroke of noon on February 15, 1965.

When an important American dies they fly the flag and this is called?

Flying the flag at half mast.

Where did the first flag fly?

the first flag flied in world war 1 and 2

How do you fly military and us flags?

When flying both the American and a Military Branch flag together you will always have the American Flag above the Military Flag.

Is it legal to fly the Confederate flag in Ohio?

It is Legal to fly any flag you want in any state that is apart of you American Rights.

Can the vatican flag fly above the American flag?

In the United States, no. It is improper to fly another flag above the US flag in the United States. Other countries have similar customs and rules.

What flag did the Americans fly during the American Revolution?


What flags can fly over the White House?

American flag

Is it true that Target will not fly the American flag?


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