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The Mercury program was the United States first human space program. It's major goal; put a human in Earth orbit. here is a list of the launches that occured from 1961 to 1963.

5th of May 1961 --> Alan B. Shepard Jr. (1st American spaceflight)

21st of July 1961 --> Virgil "Gus" Grissom

20th of Febuary 1962 --> John Glenn (1st American orbit)

24th May 1962 --> Scott Carpenter

3rd of October 1962 --> Walter Schirra

15th of May 1963 --> Gordon Cooper (last American to fly solo)

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Q: When did the mercury program send the first Americans to space?
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What was the first program to send Americans to space?

Mercury was the name given to the first American space program.

What space program sent the first Americans into space?

the first program to send Americans into space was called "project mercury"

The first Americans were sent into space in what program?

YALL all idiots its mercury.

The first stage in the space program designed to send Americans to the moon was?

Project Mercury was the first stage in this program.

Space program that first put astronauts into space?

Project Mercury sent the first 6 Americans into space. They were all solo flights.

What program put the first American in space?


What came first in the American space program the shuttle or Mercury?


What was NASAs first high profile space program?

The Mercury program

What was the name of the space program that sent the first American in space?


What was the name of the first manned space program started by NASA?

The Mercury Program was the first manned space flight program,

Did it start with the Mercury astronauts?

The Mercury astronauts were the first Americans to go in Space in 1961.

What was the first us manned space program called?