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Q: When did the press start getting briefing in the West Wing?
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Where do they hold the White House press conferences?

In the James S. Brady press briefing room, a small theater located in the west wing of the White House.

What room in the White House is for the press?

The James S. Brady press briefing room is a small theater in the West Wing where the White House secretary gives daily briefings to the press.

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Does the White House has a pool?

The indoor pool was built in the west gallery, between the West Wing and the White House. It displaced the old laundry rooms, which were moved to the basement. It was built during the first presidential term [1933-1937] of Franklyn Delano Roosevelt. In 1970, during the presidential term of Richard Nixon, the Press Briefing Room [subsequently renamed, as James S Brady Press Briefing Room, during Ronald Reagan's presidency] was built above the pool. There was trapdoor access, to the pool below, by way of a trapdoor in the floor.

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