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Why did the accident of the Titanic occur?

The Titanic hit an iceburg. Or, maybe the iceburg hit the Titanic. Either way, the iceburg won.

Who spoted the iceburg before the titanic hit it?

Fred Fleet spotted the iceburg that the Titanic hit.

Where was the iceburg that hit the Titanic?

The iceburg that titanic hit was somewhere in the middle of the north Atlantic ocean.

What time was it when the Titanic hit the iceburg?

Titanic hit the iceburg at 11:40pm on the 14th April 1912.

Which ship hit an iceburg?

The Titanic. The Titanic sank because when it hit the iceburg it started to sink which makes it extremely dangerous for ships to hit an iceburg. The captain I think said that the Titanic will never sink but it did.

How the titanic sink?

It hit an iceburg.

Where was the Titanic when it hit the iceburg?

north Atlantic

What happened when the Titanic hit the iceburg?

it sank!

What part of titanic hit the iceburg?

The hull

What do you know about how the titanic sank?

it hit a iceburg

Did Titanic really hit an iceburg?

Yes. Titanic really hit an iceberg.

Did the Titanic hit an iceberg?

yes the titanic hit an iceburg . it was the day of 14 april, 1912.

Why was the titanic bound to sink?

cause it hit an iceburg

Was the titanic on fire before it sank?

No it hit a iceburg

How did the titanic hit the iceburg?

Because the captain on the titanic thought it was another boat

How fast was the Titanic moving when it hit the iceburg?

26 knotts.

What was the position of the titanic when it hit the iceburg?

in the middle of the atlantic ocean

What side did the iceburg hit the titanic?

Starboard (right) side

Why did the Titanic sink according to the film?

The ship hit an iceburg.

Who was the driver of the titanic when it hit the iceburg?

Quatermaster Robert Hitchins

Why did the Titanic over load?

The Titanic didn't over load, it hit a iceburg which flooded the boat.

How was the Titanic wrecked?

it hit an iceburg because it was going too fast.

Did the iceburg hit the titanic on its left side?

No. She was struck on the starboard side.

When did the iceburg hit titanic?

11:40pm 14th April 1912

What time does the California send the message to the titanic about the iceberg?

The S.S California sent an iceburg warning to Titanic at 11:39 2 minuets before she hit the iceburg.