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One thousand years ago.

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Where did the vikings lived siberia?

Vikings never lived in Siberia.

Did vikings find Ireland?

vikings never lived in Ireland. They lived in either Greenland or Iceland. peace.

What group lived in Newfoundland?

the VIKINGS lived in newfoundland

Who lived in Scandinavia?

The Vikings.

Where did Vikings lived?


What did the vikings do in Scandinavia?

The vikings lived there and made their longboats there and that's really where they lived unless the moved to the UK or Ireland.

What Did The Vikings Have To Do With Scandinavia?

The Vikings lived in the area now called Scandinavia.

Was it important the Vikings lived in a cold northern climate?

Vikings longships

How vikings lived?

Your a Big Loser

Where vikings lived in Scotland?


Who lived in the medieval town?


What houses did the vikings live in?

the vikings lived in houses made of stone and stick

Where did the vikings lived long ago?

viking land with all the fellow vikings

Who did the Vikings interact with?

the vikings interact with alot of food and I think that they lived in California

Who lived after the vikings?

The Vikings lived for a long time in North Western Europe. After the Vikings were wiped out, many English rulers rose such as William the Conqueror, Henry II, and Harlold Godwinson.

When did the vikings travel to Norway?

They didn't. They lived there.

Which people lived in ancient Scandinavia?

The Vikings.

Who lived in Viking longhouses?

Vikings and their families.

Where did the vikings think thor lived?


Where do the vikings lived?

Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

What are the names of the humans in how to train your dragon?

Well, caveman lived when dinosaurs lived,so, it was vikings who lived with dragons.

Who lived in vinland?

The Vikings, lead by Leif Erickson.

Where did the vikings live in Scotland?

They lived everywhere in scotland,

Did vikings eat saffron?

Not likely. Saffron is a Mediteranian Crop, and the Vikings lived in a much colder climate.

Where did vikings live in Denmark?

The Vikings lived in all of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Vikings raided and conquered parts of France and Great Britain from Denmark.

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