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When did theatres close?

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In the time of Shakespeare, the outdoor theatres closed after the afternoon show, about 6 p.m. They also closed for the winter, during inclement weather, and due to outbreaks of infectious disease. The indoor theatres could stay open in the winter and bad weather because they did not depend on sunlight. They still had to close on orders of the health department though.

After Shakespeare's time, in 1642, all the theatres in England were closed on the orders of Parliament and did not reopen until about 1660.

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When did parliament close all theatres?


1592 and 1594 what caused theatres to close?

The Plague

Who tried to close theatres because they were bad for society?

The puritans (religious fanatics) believed that theatres were spreading the plague.

What caused all the theatres to close down in 1594?

The Plague

Why did the puritans want to close the theatres?

cos they was badman, ygm?

When did the theatres close because of the plague?

1593 and 1594 in London

Why did the theatres close during 1592-1594?

The theatres closed because of an outbreak of the plague. They re-opened in late 1594.

Why did Oliver cromwell close theatres?

He was a puritan and they believed the theater was sinful

What years did the theatres of shakespeare close?

There were a number of closures, but the years 1593-1594 featured a protracted closure of London theatres which bankrupted a number of the playing companies.

Why did the Puritans close the Globe?

The Puritans closed down the Globe because they believed that theatres were anti-religious and a place of sin. Many other theatres were closed down as well.

Why did theatres close in 1590?

They were ordered closed in order to slow the spread of the Plague (Black Death).

Why did queen elizabeth 1 close down the theatres in 1578?

because of the outbreak of the Bubonic plague

Why did all of the theatres close down between 1593 and 1594?

They were closed in London due to an outbreak of the plague.

Who wanted to close theatres in the 1500's?

All we know is that theatres were closed because at that time the Black Death was spreading easily, so they wanted to eliminate any large gatherings of people.

Why were Tudor theatres sometimes shut?

Because of the plague, an epidemic disease which reared its ugly head every few years. People believed that you could catch plague from being near other people, which was correct, and it made sense to close the theatres, but why didn't they close the churches too?

Why did the theatres in london close down between 1593 and 1594?

There was a particularly nasty outbreak of the plague in London at that time.

What happened in January 1593 to William shakespeare?

1593 Theatres close due to the Bubonic Plague (The Black Death).

What caused the globe theatre to close on many occasions?

Periodic outbreaks of plague caused the closure of theatres for health reasons.

Why were theatres closed during the Elizabethan era?

disease and black plague.. was spread easily because everyone was in close proximity

What group wanted theatres to be closed down in Shakespeare's time?

the puritans wanted to close down the theaters in Shakespeare time

What caused all theatres to close in 1593-1594?

The London theaters closed in 1593 because of an outbreak of plague.

What caused the theatres to close in 1593 and 1594?

The thing that closed down all the theaters was the plague. and beacause they snack a woman in the play

Why did all the London theatres close in London between 1593 1594?

There was a plague. All of the theaters were closed for public health reasons.

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How many theatres are there in London?

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