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When did women start to go to war?

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women started to go to war in the Vietnam War in the 1960s

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Do women have to go to war?

women can go to war if the work at the R.A.F (royal air force) but they do not fight

What effect did World War II have on women?

Many women lost loved ones during the war or at the very least had loved ones leave to go into military service. Some women had to go to work to help the war effort.

Why women cant serve in the us military?

women did not have equal rights and we thout women should not go to war.

Why did the women not go to war in world war 1?

because at the time women had no rights. it was there duty to stay at home and look after things...

Did women go on strike about World War 2?

No, strikes were illegal in war time

Why didnt women go to World War 2?

Many women did, in very many ways.

Why did women start working in factories?

Women started working in factories during World War 1. Men went to war to fight. This left factories without workers, so women had to work at them.

Why Did Joan of Arc dress as a man when she went to war?

Because at that time women did not go to war.

What kind of work did women do in factories during World War 1?

women who didn't want to go to war but wanted to help out in some way

Why did women have to go to work during World War 1?

Many of the able bodied men had to go fight in the war. Someone had to make the war materials.

How did the war affect the women?

If it is world war 1, then- Women had a positive affect from the war as they got jobs in ammunition factories as men had to go fight the war. Most wars have proved to provide women with various freedoms, however they have caused destruction to humanity as a whole.

Why did the government make unmarried women go out to work?

The men were at war so the women had to do the jobs that the men would do.

How do you go to war in Clash of Clans?

You have to be a leader or co-leader to start a war. You would tap the icon with two swords crossed. There will be an option there to start a war.

What were the roles of women during the war?

The roles of the women during and after WW1 were persuading their husbands to go to war to earn more money. During the war the women had the job of knitting clothes and packing parcels with food in them to send away to the soliders

Why did women work in factories during World War II?

Women were needed in the work place so that men could go to war. Women helped make guns, ammunition, airplanes, tanks and what ever was needed for the war effort.

Can only the congress begin war?

not really because if congress all agree to start a war they first have to go ask the president if they can start a war(or bribe them). then it could happen but its not likely that the congress itself can start a war.

In what ways did neither the northern nor the southern women contribute greatly to the war effort?

It could depend on which war, but women did not actually go to battle. Women took care of things on the home front.

Why did women need to work in World War I?

World War 1 would assume they'r the man of the house hold to go and fight for the country, there for women where left to apply for money. Only solution for this is to go and work. women where even doing jobs that could of never been done before the war.

Did women go gay in world war 2?

There have been gay women and men since there have been women and men. WW 2 did not change that.

When were women allowed to go to work?

1292, right after the first world war

Why did only a few women go to war in Middle Ages?

Because in the middle ages, and indeed to this day in many countries, it was considered more fitting for the men to go to war and for the women to sit at home barefoot and pregnant.

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