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When did world war 2 bombs begin to fall?

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Poland was severely bombed by the Germans in September 1939.

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Did any bombs fall on Acton in world war 2?


What were the gas bombs called in world war 2?

Gas bombs weren't used during World War II. You might be thinking about the mustard gas bombs of World War I.

Were there any bombs on World War I?

Yes. On world war 1 & 2,Germans used bombs and riffles.

How many people died from the World War 2 A-bombs?

See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.

What bombs were used in World War 2?

Several bombs were dropped in world ww2 such as atomic bombs,nuclear bombs explosives and many more

What type of bombs were used in World War 1?

Bombs such as:Chlorine Gas BombsMustard Gas BombsConventional Bombs

How many atomic bombs were dropped in World War 2?

Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan during World War II.

What type of bombs did they use in world war 2?

atomic bombs and grenades

What bombs were used in World War 1?

conventional, mustard, and chlorine bombs

Were conventional bombs used in World War 1?

Yes, early bombs were conventional artillery shells, but by the end of the war customized bombs were in production.

What bombs were dropped in Cardiff in World War 2?

High explosive bombs incendiary bombs/fire bombs hope this helps

Names of atomic bombs?

the world war

Are there Hydrogen Bombs in World War 1?


Where was the second atomic bomb dropped after World War 2?

No atomic bombs were dropped after the war ! The two 'test' bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the second world war ended. It was the result of the devastation the bombs caused that brought the war to an end.

How was World WarI different than World War 2?

Nuclear bombs were used in world war II but not in world war I

What were the effects of the atomic bombs in world war 2?

They ended World War 2 in all of the world.

What was the atomic Bombs impact on World war 2?

In ended that war.

Which war was more lethal World War I or World War 2?

World war 2 was by far more lethal. World War 1 did not have the artillery, new guns, aircraft carriers and planes of the 40s, the Atomic Bombs, Napalm Bombs, missiles, flying bombs, larger bomber planes, large tonnage bombs, and all the new vehicles and sea vessels they had in World War 2. World War 1 also did not have 50 - 70 million people world wide die from injuries, exposure, disease, starvation, murder and drowning.

How many bombs did Hitler dropped in World War 2?

Bombs were measured in tonnage, not by individual bombs. Hundreds of thousands.

What year did the World War I begin?

The world war I begin at 28 July 1914.

What bombs were used in World War 2 by the us?

Nuclear, plane, land, and sea bombs.

Haw many A-bombs did Britain have in World War 2?

Atomic bombs- Zero.

Was Winston Churchill a evacuee in world war 2?

No. He worked in central London, bombs or no bombs.

What were the names of bombs in world war 1?

wwl bombs were most used in those periods

How many atomic bombs were dropped on Japan during World War I?

None. The first atomic bomb was dropped decades after World War 1 finished. Atomic bombs weren't used in war until World War II.