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You find out when you have been accepted to grad schools is when you get your deploma.

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Q: When did you find out if you were accepted into grad schools?
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are there plenty of grad schools?

There are many grad schools available for you in the United States. Most of these schools are centered on or around the East Coast or New England area.

Is their a specific scholarship used for grad schools?

Grad school scholarships will depend on the program you're enrolled in and the school you attend. You should check out the school you're interested in attending to find out what's offered.

How does one get accepted in a physics program for grad school?

To get accepted into a Physics program for grad school you must apply in time, most of the work they look at is not from your senior year but mostly from previous years, make sure it looks good. Find the right program and make sure your grades are good enough.

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where do i find school rankings online?

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What medical school offers the best lessons and training?

The medical school that is best for you depends on the features you are looking for. You can go to to find the school best for you.

What school offers the best psychologist program?

In order to find some schools that offers the best psychologist program, one can consult the grad schools US news review's website for ratings and rankings.

Where are the best pharmaceutical schools?

Check this list out, it might help you out.

Is there a website that he find a list of random scholarships he could apply for?

Research schools that offer full scholarships. You can find a list of US colleges and grad schools that offer full scholarships here. Another site is US News and World Report--go to their "Search Schools" page. Realize that a majority of schools that offer scholarships do so because they have a big endowment.

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9 schools (3 undergrad 6 grad) plus 4 affiliated schools; 2 high schools, a Rabbinic seminary and a school of Jewish music

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