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When do Muslims keep siyaam or fasts?

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at the month of ramadan all , from salah al fajr "before sun rise " to salah al majreb "before sun set" this is must for every muslim

but some days are option for siyaam like every Monday and thursday and 13,14,15

for every day at the month "hegry" , "moon month" , arafat day but not at hajj ,

10 of moharam .

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What is ramzan eid?

it is an EId one of the celebrations of Muslims which is celebrated after the month of ramadan in which muslims keep their fasts :)

What is the main idea of Ramadan?

The main idea of Ramadan is keep fasts for Allah and keep away from all sins.God wants to remember the Muslims for his greatness.Ramadan is great blessing of God to his humanity.

What religion fasts during the month of Ramadan?

Muslims, Followers of Islam religion, fast during the month of Ramadan.

How old do Muslims have to be to keep all the fasts?

They should fast upon reaching maturity or puberty age. However, younger children may be encouraged to fast 1/2 a fasting day; for example; just to be trained on fasting

Do Muslims have to keep beards?

no,its a sunnat but its not important that Muslims have to keep beard but in the month of ramzan its compulsury to keep the beard

How was Mohandas Gandhi killed?

When violence broke out between Hindus and Muslims Gandhi resorted to fasts and tours of disturbed areas to check it. On Jan. 30,1948 he was shot by a Hindu fanatic who was angered by Gandhi's solicitude for Muslims.

When do they do the Siyam?

Adult, sane, healthy Muslims must fast between dawn and sunset during the Islamic month of Ramadan. We also may observe optional fasts at other times of year. Adult, sane, healthy Muslims must fast between dawn and sunset during the Islamic month of Ramadan. We also may observe optional fasts at other times of year.

How old do you have to be to keep all the fasts during ramadan?

You don't really have a certain age, it's basically when you hit puberty that it's manditory for you to do all the fasts. Still, it's good to do them even before so you can get sawwab and rewards.

Why does Donald trump want to ban Muslims from the US?

He associates Muslims with terrorists and jihadists, and thinks that banning all Muslims will keep them out.

Why do Muslims keep the five pillars?

They keep them to help themselves and others around them.

Can Muslims keep ashes of their dead pets?

No, they can't

Can Muslims keep cats in the house?

Yes, Muslims can keep pets. The most common are typically birds or cats. Dogs are much less common in Arabic culture.

Where do Muslims keep the qur'aqn?

Just like Christians keep the bible, Muslims respect the Qu'ran by keeping it on the top of all other books or on the top of book shelves.

Can Muslims keep pigs-meat and milk together?


How do british Muslims keep the 5 pillars?

Typically they dont!

Which planet rotates the fasts?


Who the fasting superheroes?

The fasting superheroes could mean various things depending on the point of reference. For instance for Muslims, a child that is below nine years and fasts for the whole month of Ramadan is considered a fasting superhero.

What is the part of the seaweed that keeps the plant in place?

Well it has very strong hold fasts (roots) to keep it firmly attached to the rock but it also has air filled bladders to help it keep afloat when the tide comes in

Where do Muslims keep the qur'an?

Muslims should keep the Quran in a clean high place such as a high shelf or on top of a cupboard. It shouldn't be kept in a place where there are any inappropriate items or forms of literature.

Why is fasting at Ramadan so important for a Muslim?

Fasting during Ramadan is extremely significant because it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The other four include Salat, Shahadah, Hajj and Zakat. Fasting as a Pillar is called Sawm. During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims who have reached at least the age of 7, or a capable age, are required to keep some of the fasts, if not all. People who are more stable are required to keep all.

What direction did Muslims pray in Pakistan?

The Muslims keep their faces towards holy Ka'aba situated in Makka Saudi Arabia. As Ka'aba is to the west of Pakistan, the Muslims face the west direction.

How many fasts did Prophet Muhammad?


How many fasts are in the bible?

five times

What has the author Julius Hillel Greenstone written?

Julius Hillel Greenstone has written: 'Jewish feasts and fasts' -- subject(s): Fasts and feasts, Judaism

Do pregnant Muslims have to fast?

With regard to the pregnant woman, it is permissible for her not to fast if she fears some harm which she thinks will most likely affect her and/or her baby. Breaking the fast becomes obligatory if she fears that she may die or be severely harmed if she fasts.