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The first lake to catch good numbers of fish is at lake Jackson. the second lake to turn on is sinclair. the best is left for last and that's oconee. i fished sinclair on 01- 10-08 and caught just a few fish but my partner fished in the crooked creek area and they caught and released over 200. i also fished tobosofkee on 01-12-08 and caught 5 stripers and one crappie. i am trolling now but had rather shoot docks when the fish move up shallow.
Normally, in February they begin to feed heavily in anticipation of the spawn.

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Is a crappie a mammal?

No. Crappie are fish, in the sunfish family.

When do crappie fish start biting in south east fl?

Here in Virginia, right now is one of the best times to catch crappieThis is the time they start a feeding frenzy before hibernation.Spring is also a very good time as they come out of hibernation and go again on this feeding frenzyHope this helpsRev. E

What is a crap fish?

Carp is a fish. So is crappie (Black Crappie a type of Sunfish)

Is crappie fish a scavenger fish?


What is the scientific name for crappie fish?

The scientific name for white crappie is Pomoxisannularis and for black crappie is Pomoxis nigromaculatus.

What does a crappie fish eat?

Crappie eat mainly smaller fishes, insects and nematodes.

Is talapia and crappie from the same fish family?

Talapia or St. Peter's fish, a spiny-finned freshwater fish of the family Cichlidae. Crappie are in the Centrarchidae family.

What sort of fish is known as a 'crappie'?

Another name for the crappie is the perch or white perch. They are relatively easy fish to catch with hook and bait. They are a white fish and popular to eat. Due to their tendency to overpopulate their waters, there is a high bag limit. This makes them a popular fish for those who fish for sport.

Are Crappie a white meat fish?

Yes, they are.

What do crappie eat?

Crappie feed mostly on minnows, small fish such as shad, and other small insects.

What is a sacalait?

A sacalait is another name for the crappie, a genus of North American freshwater fish.

Is crappie fish kosher?

Yes, crappie are kosher since they have fins and scales. You should consult a Rabbi to be sure.

Can you eat crappie?

Yes, crappie are an edible fish. They live all over the US in freshwater lakes and ponds.

What does a dream about biting fish mean?

what it means that gold fish biting me

Which crappie fish is the smallest?

There are only two species of crappie, and they are identical size wise, with records around five pounds.

A list of Things under the sea that start with w?

Walleye, warmouth, white crappie and white perch are fish. They begin with the letter W.

5 words that start with c then have ie?

cookiecolliecalorieCharliecutiecrappie (a type of fish, pronounced crop-ee)

Does super market carries crappie fish?

No. Crappies are not sold commercialy, but they are a fine food fish.

Will crappie eat minnows when they are spawning?

Minnows are a pretty good way to fish crappie during spawning, but they will take many different baits.

What fish lives in the Rio Grande?

Catfish,crappie,bass and carp

What is a green crappie?

It is Like a bream, or a speck, a small freshwater fish.

Is it okay to fish blue gills and crappie on same day?

Yes it is.

What is a crappy fish?

It is spelled CRAPPIE.It is a species of North American freshwater fish that are popular among fishermen.

How do you fish for crappie?

Crappies can be caught on a variety of baits including minnows and jigs.

When can fishermen catch more fish?

When fish are biting

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