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When do floods mostly occur?

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After heavy rain.

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Where do floods mostly occur?

Floods mostly occur when there is a LARGE amount of rainfal for a long amount of time.

Where do floods mostly occur in the US?


Where do floods mainly occur?

in orissa the flood mostly occur ha23

Where are the most floods in the US?

They mostly happen in south America or in Mexico where the land is dry is where the floods occur.

Where in the world do floods mostly occur?

In Japan or China Love, Tori

Where in the world are floods most likely to occur?

They mostly happen in south America or in Mexico where the land is dry is where the floods occur.Floods most commonly occur near a river or a coastal area, they commonly occur near low lying areas and areas below sea level. Floods can also be contributed to by mountain runoff

How many floods occur each year in Bangladesh?

well, mostly during the monsoon season, one third of the country floods

Why do floods occur mostly in summer?

Quite simply, floods may be caused by cyclones or monsoonal rains. These weather phenomena occur only during the warmer months of the year, including summer.

Where does the disaster occur for floods?

mostly in coastal areas like in India Bengal,Mumbai etc.

Which severe weather event is mostly likely to occur in your community?

hurricans,floods,iso thunder storms

Where do floods strike the most often in the world?

They mostly occur in South America and Mexico where the land is dry.

What areas are mostly affected by floods?

=most of the time floods occur were it has been dry for a while. All the moisture from a strom out on the coast travels inland which causes a large rain cloud and it floods the town.=

Where do flash floods occur the most?

Most flash floods occur after late afternoon rainfall.

When do floods mostly happen?

In tropical regions, this can occur seasonally - such as during the monsoon season of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. Otherwise, floods mostly happen after it rains a lot - as in much more than usual for a given geographic area.

When did floods occur?


Do floods occur often in America?

floods often occur in america when it rains alot which is unlikely. only 42%.

What will happen if a strong typhoon comes and heavy floods occur in plants?

Nothing. Heavy floods do not occur in plants.

Do floods occur in the deciduous forest?

Yes there have been many floods there

What is a fact about floods?

They are highly dangerous and a threat if you are in debt because they will ruin your whole basement sometimes. They occur mostly below sea level.

In what countries do floods occur in most?

occur in South America

Where and why do floods occur?

a flood can occur anywhere. It happens when there is a lot of

What are sudden violent floods that occur shortly after a storm what are they called?

flash floods

Where did the Australian floods occur?


Do floods occur in Austinn Texas?


Who makes floods occur?


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