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No child needs that specific kind of deodorant.

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Q: When do kids need AXE Deoderant?
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What is the best deoderant for men?

axe, brut, marcs & spencer etc..

What is a good deoderant anti-persperant for someone who sweats a lot?

axe antiperspirent

How can you sweat less under your arms?

use AXE Dry deoderant sticks.

Should you put on deoderant?

yes. please. if not for yourself than for the people around you. and don't just use that axe or tag body spray stuff. use deoderant as well.

Is Axe kilo still available?

Yes, Kilo is still widely available in North America and Europe. It is carried at most drug stores in the deoderant aisle.

What do you need to do to ensure you do not have moisture under your breasts?

Put deoderant under them.

Can a 9 year old use deoderant?

Ya if you need it use it

What deoderant burns the fastest?

Lynx deoderant.

Is hollister body spray good?

Hollister Body Spray is focused more on attracting girls. This will not work if.. 1. The girl has a boyfriend ;) 2. Regular deoderant is not used with it (unless the deoderant smells sexy!) 3. Showers are not taken daily and consist of properly washing your hair with SHAMPOO! The body spray is not signifigant odor causing bacteria which can only be attained by wearing dry, roll-on,axe deoderant! -BSH

Does Deoderant cause cancer?

Some do cause cancer, and some don't, like CRYSTAL deoderant

What does it mean if you have an axe to grind?

An axe to grind means a complaint, something that you need to talk over with someone.

What is a good substitute for deoderant?

Talc/baby powder is a great substiute for deoderant. It keeps the armpits dry.