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axe antiperspirent

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Q: What is a good deoderant anti-persperant for someone who sweats a lot?
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What is a good substitute for deoderant?

Talc/baby powder is a great substiute for deoderant. It keeps the armpits dry.

If you use deoderant will your body still smell bad?

no it will not smell bad it will smell good, but you will still be sweaty deoderant just covers the smell anti-perspirant stops you from sweating

Why do girls smell so good?

Because of deoderant, perfume and just because we are so hot.

What is a substitute for deoderant?

A good substitute is putting Arm & Hammer Baking Soda under your arms.

What is the Best way to apply a deodrant?

the best way to apply roll on deoderant is in small even circles under your arm and the best way to apply spray on deoderant is to hold the can a good 10-25cm away as you spray

How do you make youself smell good even when you shower everyday and use deoderant?

when you get in the shower use some body wash or soap that smells good then when you get out make shore you have a dry and clean towel and dry yourself off then put on some perfume and deodorant and clean clothes then you will smell good.

What do you need to bring for aerobic class?

good shoes shorts or sweats shirt water

How can somebody get more girls to date even though a person is not good looking?

You gotta use deoderant, get a total makeover, then get horny

Is hollister body spray good?

Hollister Body Spray is focused more on attracting girls. This will not work if.. 1. The girl has a boyfriend ;) 2. Regular deoderant is not used with it (unless the deoderant smells sexy!) 3. Showers are not taken daily and consist of properly washing your hair with SHAMPOO! The body spray is not signifigant odor causing bacteria which can only be attained by wearing dry, roll-on,axe deoderant! -BSH

What kind of clothes are good for working out?

Clothes that are not tight, like shorts and a t-shirt or sweats are the best for working out.

How do you smell good all day?

There is no sure way, but a good way is not to use deoderant on its own, use anti-persperant first that will stop you from sweating ond should keep you odour free for a while.

What can hygiene do to you?

I am not sure what you mean by what can it do for you? Hygiene is taking care of yourelf, showering, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, deoderant, all that good stuff. Which is essential in, for not smelling and looking llike a slob.