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When do kittens get real fur?

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When do kittens grow their fur?

Kittens are born with fur.

Are kittens born without hair?

Kittens have fur, not hair. They are not born fur-less. They have a short coat of fur all over their bodies.

When do cats grow fur?

Newborn kittens have fur.

Are kittens covered in fuzz?

Yes, kittens are born with fur on them. This keeps the newborn kittens warm.

Are kittens born with fur?

yes, they are

Do new born kittens have fur and is it long or short?

new born kittens do have fur and it starts out short but will grow as the cat grows.

What is possessive noun of fur of kittens?

The possessive form is the kitten's fur.

Are some kittens born with pink fur?

Kittens with white fur can sometimes look pink, but the pink, is their skin. This is because the fur of newborn kittens is often thin and may show the skin underneath. Black/dark fur covers the skin better than the white/light fur, wich may seem pink.

Do kittens lose their fur?

They should NOT lose their fur. If that is happening, take it to a vet.

Do kittens have fur?

Yes take it from me i have 2

Are kittens hairless when born?

No, kittens are born with fur, assuming they're not one of the hairless breeds.

What is the difference between fake fur and real fur?

Real made from real fur from animals...

How cats protect its kitten?

cats generally have kittens along with them enveloping them in her warmth through belly touch..further in danger the kittens have puffy fur.. and mother cat growls.with puffy fur and tails up at the danger hiding the kittens

My cat has just had kittens but why is she losing fur?

Really! How bad is it!

How do you know if your kittens love you?

usually they pur and rub their fur against you

Do female rabbits eat their fur when in heat?

NO! No, but they will pull their fur out from their neck area, to make a nests for their kittens (baby rabbits).

Do female rabbits have breasts?

When they have kittens, ( kittens are baby bunnies) they breast feed. So they can possibly have breast. Maybe just covered with fur.

Are all kittens with blue eyes and white fur deaf?

Not all, but most.

Why are kittens so fuzzy?

Kittens are fuzzy because their fur has not fully come in yet. It's just their kitten fur, like when babies have their baby hair and sometimes the baby hair falls out but they have hair that grows back in.

How done one tell Bengal kittens from other kinds?

One can tell Bengal kittens from other kinds by looking at their fur patterns. Bengals have brown spots outlined with black fur all over their bodies.

How does a cat protect its kittens?

When someone tries to harm the kittens, the mother would get up and start growling. All the kittens will have poofy fur because they know somethings wrong. The mother would pick the kittens up by the scruff and bring them to safety.

Will kittens lose their stripes?

Patterning on the fur does not usually change unless due to mutation.

What is the cutest creature?

has to be a newborn pet,(dogs,rabbits,kittens) once the fur has dried.

What do newborn kittens look like?

Actually newborn kittens look like kittens. They have fur, tiny and cannot walk. Kittens are also blind but like cats in general, they have a keen sense of smell and feeling, and that is how they are able to locate their mom's nipple to be fed.

Can lions have kittens like other cats?

No.but they can have kittens but, the real name lion kittens are cubs.Cubs are kittens of lions,leopards,and others.but the cat's baby is really called kitten(s)

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